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25 Responses

  1. IgotMaddy28 says:

    quick question please help, soil grow 750 watt hps, day 59 of flower, told
    its skunk#1, bottom halfs done top colas still 90% white, me misses chucked
    out my microscope ( knob ) should I just harvest even though top colas are
    still white

  2. Jason XG says:

    holy crap dude well done thats a real monster wow freaking beast

  3. Gary Wayne says:

    Your a really good speaker. Great info, delicious eye candy, well done.

  4. Latonya Phillips says:

    just started 15 plants cant wait til i get to the harvest pont

  5. Jay Khela says:

    This is good, very informative upload video on the amazing cannabis plant.

  6. FreedomRebel says:

    wooohooo its almost time to harvest my amnesia haze ! 15/20 % of the
    tri-thingies are now turning redish brown this is gonna be i good christmas
    ^^ grown outside btw

  7. xian megan says:

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  8. prmayner says:

    So i guess if you have pretty much all cloudy chomes with a few dark and a
    few clear your getting pretty close huh?

  9. david blackburn says:

    dude, i love your flag

  10. Jared Klem says:

    Clearly detailed.

  11. aintnohollabackgrrl says:

    No, trichomes do not play any role in the plant’s defense. The trichomes
    are sticky terpenoids that are used to collect pollen. This is why
    sinsemilla produces fuller trichomes.

  12. djlouielou says:

    Great video. You are an expert and know your stuff!

  13. Allyn Bartberger says:

    I have never done it so I need help bad think mine is ready but not sure
    smells good, it wont let me send a picture maybe you have an email I can
    send to you

  14. Martin Horton says:

    shit thank god i watched this before i harvested, i was gonna wait for all
    of them to turn brown

  15. gobee53 says:

    clear or cloudy or amber, soory

  16. gobee53 says:

    Check your trikes and that’s how they seem to mature, bigger buds first.

  17. prmayner says:

    never thought about that, but it does make since to me.

  18. tj mears says:

    it always seems that my trichomes get milky b4 I ever get many amber or red
    hairs am I harvesting too early

  19. Drew Grow says:

    Very good basic explanation here.

  20. gustina242 says:

    Don’t fucking grow, do stoners a favor and leave it to people who know what
    their doing. Atleast fucking do research before even trying to.

  21. Jon Kline says:

    It amazes me how some pothead dipshits think growing weed is SOOOOO easy. I
    busted my ASS this past summer “guerrilla gardening” and it was a LOT of
    work. Now I am reaping the benefits of my outdoor grow operation.

  22. vince keough says:

    THC is most potent and pure before the trichomes amber. the amber color
    represents the breakdown of thc like an apple starting to rot. some people
    like their bananas fresh yellow, some like em brown to black. But it you
    are looking for THC it is not in the Amber Trichs. WORD

  23. Willgtl says:

    Some do but it’s a very bad practice if not done properly. Sun drying can
    break down THC into other cannabinoids (High levels of certain
    cannabinoids, like cannabinol can make the high crappy) and you can run
    into mold/pest problems easily. It’s best to dry in total darkness with
    good ventilation.

  24. gobee53 says:

    The hairs you can see are pistils, Trikes require magnification and are
    either clear, amber or dead.. Growing Purple Power?

  25. gobee53 says:

    Around the Buds, but remember not all buds mature at the same time, just
    like you don’t pull a tomato plant because one tomato goes red. I usually
    harvest from the top down over a week, two week period. Found that out my
    second harvest.