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50 Responses

  1. ghoscorp says:

    nice job bro you killed it

  2. mike d says:

    in 5months you created heaven, props

  3. lilmannorcross54 says:

    Fuck all these made up names, Pine Tar Kush? Come on man

  4. KushSYNdicate says:

    Planted in the ground on May 16th, 2012 – last plant finished – Oct 15th,
    2012. Blue City Diesel was the last plant to be harvested.

  5. That Guy says:

    almost every big-time grower takes two different strains and they combine
    the two , then they make a name for it ( because its a new strain mixed of
    the two.) and its up to them to name it, so yeah in that perspective they
    are made up but are all legit , your just cluelessly uninformed as a mother

  6. Purp Skurp says:

    looks yummy

  7. CrazyCracka6900 says:

    geezzuss man happy smoking!

  8. ILikeTurtlesJah says:

    I live in oregon too! will you please be my grow guru bro?!?:) Iv been
    growing 3 years pumped to grow some organic trees this summer ^.^

  9. Khaosgardenz says:

    Digging the jJack man

  10. That Guy says:

    most of our first year grow are bomb but we cant put videos up !!! hahaha

  11. lilgarner13 says:

    They have seeds in em? or did you pull the males? or even fem seeds.

  12. KushSYNdicate says:


  13. 02CheeseKid says:

    that shit is caked in trichs. especially for week 5 outdoor. alot better
    than any 1st time grow ive seen. well done bro.

  14. TauRiOneill says:

    Looks great man, esp the Pine Tar. Also a fan of The Widow. Post up again

  15. LatinBloodSouthSide says:

    love outdoor grows

  16. Khaosgardenz says:

    Hell ya blue city I love that specific cut ur lucky to have her bro I love
    it to

  17. Khaosgardenz says:

    Nice man hope uu like that white and pure kush lol u know who I am

  18. KushSYNdicate says:

    would love to have seen it!

  19. mike d says:

    whats the total length of this grow?

  20. KushSYNdicate says:

    Keep watching!:) IDK how much of a guru I am, but i’m a total weed nerd! -KS

  21. jeremydweems3 says:

    Damn man… My first successful grow, OUTDOOR! And it was DANNNKKK! Grew it
    with some bagseed from some swaggy. Used seeds from 4 different bags. One
    turned out to be indica dom, two hybrid, and one sativa dom. Second grow I
    ordered seeds, and used bagseed…. The BAGSEED was waaayyyy better than
    the seeds I bought! And they were from a bag of mexi-brick. Yield was
    bigger, quality was higher, and they were far more mold-pest resistant than
    the seeds I bought. But your grow looks great man!

  22. MMMGrower says:

    Looks good!, good luck with your harvest!

  23. ILikeTurtlesJah says:

    Do you bud with wood ash?! I can promise the potassium will make you get
    big juicy buds without even using organic store bought nutes c:

  24. lilmannorcross54 says:

    Just like the other 1000+ made up “Medical Strain” names…..

  25. zaha2toni says:

    first grow! no fukin way

  26. Yrrab nesjen says:

    Nice spot dude, little bit jelous here.
    YOu should try growing some autoflower seeds with good soil. did you did
    holes with earth before you planted +?

  27. panikgrows says:

    Hi sorry long time , the strain is purple marok and easy sativa, this was
    2012, but im currently working on a very interesting project and starting
    a outdoor seeds bank, specialising in early potant outdoor genetics, will
    be on sale after testing stay tuned for great footage this year…. 

  28. poolking01 says:

    fukin hell, that bud @ 4:15 wow !!!!

  29. Mat Fletcher says:

    mase abdulla
    you are a jealous thick individual. Now to have the balls and intelligence
    to grow decent bud outdoors in this shit northern climate , I believe is a
    good thing. now you go buy quality bud on the slopes of your country of
    origin, well you cant because they turn it into hash and then mix it with
    henna fact. So you go pray to allah that this year will be a good one for
    your family. peace. Ps if you say that this is your country of origin then
    learn the language. nice grow fella.

  30. Rage Kowski says:

    Whats the name of the song? And which fertilizer do you use?
    Greets from GER ;)

  31. Trapalous Piffington says:

    The strain is Purple Maroc.. this strain is great for Uk climate as harvest
    time can be anywhere from the end of August to the first couple of weeks in
    september if your timing is correct. 

  32. Jonas80111 says:

    looks like frisian dew

  33. Yves yves binette says:

    jesus christ. make a dope growing video ur bascilt pro

  34. Erik Bowie says:

    Purpleee mmm beauties mate 

  35. chrissy jones says:

    this guy is a pro did you see how he handle the clipper 

  36. Jordan Mitchell says:

    anyone know what strain that is?

  37. David Korz says:

    you could really use the trim for hash

  38. jimmy cricket says:

    3:51 neil young solo nice fire

  39. Terry Rajkumar says:

    nice choice of strain what ever it is

  40. MultiBlairwitch says:

    first song pls? 

  41. Ryan Shaffer says:

    Mouth agape

  42. Yves yves binette says:

    what kind of strain

  43. thee jambo says:

    Great results man, the cold temps bringing out the purps. in U.K since B.C

  44. Bobby Gilmour says:

    mate i have loved all of your vids since they came on but i have never got
    around on asking you about your outdoor plant and soil preparation, what i
    mean is just how do you get these results in the uk. please reveal some of
    your secrets of the trade,,,, happy growing:)

  45. wigglesize says:

    hey man, im growing in the uk this year, if you want a look at may setup
    last year id love to get some feedback and just have a friend from the same
    country to grow with 🙂 lovely garden btw

  46. Bri says:

    BTW! Good grow man..

  47. Jose Antonio Medina says:

    Whats the name of the band?

  48. lee fraser says:

    jesuswhat was the yield on those things from the south planted 3 plants
    outside they’re growing to my are a legend.whats it smoke

  49. Bri says:

    Who’s the music man??

  50. Spencer Goodwin says:

    It’s Purple Maroc.. Purple Maroc and Easy Sativa are big recommendations
    when wanting to grow LARGE plants outdoors.