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16 Responses

  1. Deschain420 says:

    What’s the point in watching buds you’ll never smoke?

  2. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Thanks for the tip on Mighty Wash James! I have ordered some predator mites – and will be doing a Predator Mite Unboxing Video next week as we unleash the army. I hope to include zoom in reconnaissance of Mite vs Mite!

  3. james epps says:

    You should get some mighty wash it killed all my spider mites in 2 treatments there is not much info about it but it’s good if u can buy it where your from

  4. capricechild92 says:

    I’ve tried t shirt material and paper towels to cover the holes but it grows mold, hair doesn’t. You said the small pots dried out, maybe try fox farm ocean forest soil, I’ve never had that prob. It ebb and flows good too. If your careful its not like soil but a living medium. And using the hair trick you keep the pumps clean. My NL from nirvana sucks its all long and thin leaf. Pulled 3 males yesterday.

  5. capricechild92 says:

    I have a hairy dog I brush his clean hair then use it to cover those little holes to keep the dirt in if I don’t have old hydroton. The hair works great! Even rocks can help just to keep the dirt from spilling out all over your nice floor. Peace

  6. Juiced Cannabis says:

    well – it’s really dark when they are off.

  7. Juiced Cannabis says:

    well – it’s really dark when they are off.

  8. HollaAtChYaBoyy says:

    what’s the point of showing your buds with you hps’ on?

  9. delvite420 says:

    Looking really nice in there, gr8 update. thanx fr sharing :b

  10. Jhonell Garcia says:

    Nice man let me get some bud wen is ready that shit look good to smoke

  11. Juiced Cannabis says:

    hahaha – gotcha! Thanks for looking over my shoulder!

  12. Bret LaRue says:

    Dude, i love ya like a brother but ya make me crazy talking bout ” huge flush i cant contain” with that ballast on the floor!! Please screw it to the wall and dont light yourself up )

  13. Samsonmetaphysical says:

    I enjoyed watching your video, thank you for sharing.

  14. skinny lee says:

    big difference with the scrog there juiced, ive started to flush between feeds, like 3-4 feeds then water the plants are responding well to this. hope all goes well for you. peace

  15. Nick Kush says:

    Yeah, nice room!

  16. eliyaa gab says: