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  1. greg muir says:

    im loving ur vids like man eh.i dont watch many vids biut im subd to u
    now.:-)lol. im TRYING TO ,make ,freinds,!lol. + im going good
    just got mikado seeds by federation?.now de bunked,of a breeder + a mikado
    green crack x!.nice man.

  2. Juiced Cannabis says:

    No worries! I come from a small town of under 2000 people in the bush, over
    220 km to the town – and I’m told we are known for a noticeable local
    accent… could be Glasgow influence and I don’t know it! Cheers Mate!

  3. greg muir says: a brit + THAT WAS A MISTAKE.LOLno shit i really thaught u had a
    glasgow ur canadian.just got mikado seeds of my
    canadian pal.nice job dude

  4. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Yessir – I am in there with scissors trimming any leaf with mite evidence –
    them bastards!!

  5. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Lights seem good – the slightly light green could be the fast-growing part
    of the plant, and very normal – or, it could be low nitrogen, double check
    your nutrients!

  6. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Canadian. Born and raised in small town Northern Ontario before relocating
    out west.

  7. greg muir says:

    cant hide that scottish accent dude:-).lol.j.k.spanking grow man

  8. greg muir says:

    them leaves were nitrogen,+ cal mag/ k with some zinc + iron.try cal
    mag+.1,with some nitrogen bro!that wont happen again.

  9. ruben89pr says:

    So I did a lot of research but i am having a hard time figuring out say…
    I have four seedlings planted in ocean forest soil on day 7. I have a 600
    watt MH running at 50% (300 watts) 3 feet from the leafs of the (pineapple
    Chunk). Am I at the correct distance? I also noticed my leafs are slightly
    turning lime green. Any input? thanks

  10. ChiliBuTube says:

    just keep on top of them and give the girls the attention they need at this
    time. An odd spider mite or two is par for the course, it is when due
    diligence is not followed and people become lazy, then the little buggers
    take over. Your too on ‘your game’ to let that happen.

  11. catatonic cropper says:


  12. says:

    The Jewnited nations is a war on humanity that will never change. It’s
    funded by the drug war. The problem with the JewN, is that it is Jewbased,
    like the JerUSAlem. Anyone who isn’t working to ‘end the drug war’, is
    helping the Jewdeo-Christian ‘inquisition’ to destroy this planet. The
    whole concept of ‘ending the drug war’ today, is that we don’t allow the
    Jewdges, police to continue to rape our planet. The U.N. is the same Jewish
    war on humanity that WW II, WW I, and the 9/11 attacks.

  13. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Bad SCROG? Interested in your comments and feedback so my next SCROG is
    better! Week 3 video will be shot and posted tomorrow!

  14. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Awesome Walt! The weed helps my arthritis – and it is a complete joy to
    grow! I look forward to hearing about your setup!

  15. Juiced Cannabis says:

    It’s a great looking batch this time, but I have found the odd spider mite,
    and I’m nervous about that.

  16. Juiced Cannabis says:

    many thanks spoon! the Week 3 video will be out tomorrow!

  17. Juiced Cannabis says:

    No no, that male was killed and juiced when he was very young. I *did* get
    a couple hundred seeds last crop because of a hermaphrodite strain from
    seeds I got from a chronic buddy… Best to order good genetics to begin

  18. Juiced Cannabis says:

    A very good first step would be to have the United Nations respect science
    and change the scheduling of Cannabis.

  19. says:

    Hey isn’t it nice to be growing Marijuana. You seem so happy to do it. You
    know if you helped ‘end the drug war’ today, you’d help ‘pay back the
    plant’ and or ‘the planet’ however you want to think about it, for the joy
    it’s brought you. The only way to stop the 13,000,000 tons of toxic waste
    generated daily by the ‘drug war’ is to ‘end it’.

  20. cornflakeeater says:

    Did you find many seeds yet from that rogue male you kept for a while?

  21. ChiliBuTube says:

    looks great Joey keep up the great effort!

  22. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Hey Barbara! Be sure to watch for the highlights where I give updates on
    the ‘one weed plant in the closet’. You can go even smaller – just flower
    the plant when it is smaller. I think a 40w LED Grow light would grow about
    1 once of dry material in two months.

  23. Juiced Cannabis says:

    That is, two months from start of flowering.

  24. Barbara Hill-Harkins says:

    very nice….what if you have confined space…what is the best location to

  25. spoon says:

    Nice video man:)