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25 Responses

  1. Trulyfreebird Flyer says:

    Us Government owns the patent for the cure to HIV, inflammatory problems,
    many autoimmune diseases, reducing neurological damage from strokes & brain
    trauma’s, and the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as
    Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease. This patent is for CANNABINOIDS.
    Spread the truth about the lies!

  2. leo bombud says:

    America needs to spread the word

  3. Coty Ternes says:

    This is a show that says the truth.
    Weed Wars: Medical Marijuana Hits Reality TV

  4. Mark Dunne says:

    Oakland’s Harborside Health Center, the world’s largest marijuana retailer

  5. Edward G, Levesque Jr says:


  6. Moinkers says:

    why there is to much hobo’s

  7. Pyroteknitian says:

    I hope you realize that your votes don’t count for shit. Democrats or
    Republicans, it doesn’t matter, they are both controlled by the puppet
    masters, who will not tolerate what you are doing at any point in time. I
    love what you are trying to achieve and I support and admire your work.
    Unfortunately, it will not matter who you choose as president because he or
    she will betray you the moment the puppet masters give the order.

  8. Luke Connell says:

    Decriminalize not legalize

  9. dani says:

    YOU BOTH ARE AMAZING..You are extremely articulate and successfully
    represent a “movement”, and a medical alternative to what “they” tell us..
    You stand for more than an ideology..nice one guys!

  10. talbond says:

    People who smoke cannabis are productive members of society. So what if
    someone would rather smoke pot than drink beer. So what if someone wants to
    smoke pot insead of gamble. So what if someone wants to smoke pot in the
    morning instead of drink coffee. So what if someone wants to smoke pot
    instead of watching tv. so what if someone wants to smoke pot instead of
    swimming laps in a pool. so what if someone wants to smoke pot instead of
    joining cadets. Don’t be an idiot.

  11. Ricy Mardona says:

    Nice video. I want to know more about this in future.

  12. edward carreon says:

    California Weed !! Good Shit

  13. Rhea Ray says:

    why dont they go after cocaine or herroin or bath salts???

  14. alberto williams says:

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  15. Amir Jerkson says:

    why did u vote for Obama? just cuz he’s from da hood you think he’ll
    legalize weed?

  16. Ricy Mardona says:

    Very nice video post.

  17. johnlocke868 says:

    They had my full support right until he started supporting a cashless
    society 6:17 STOP looking at just one facet of our fight against tyranny.
    The war on drugs is a good place to start. It’s where I started, and my
    goal remains the same to this day; I will not be controlled. Not by the
    drug czar nor the banks,corporations,IMF,Bilderberg,or the
    NON-representative government they have illegally seized control of.

  18. heru ofkemet says:

    me to man

  19. william patterson says:

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  20. irage15 says:

    @godf360 are you high?

  21. ruSadist91 says:

    In Israel it doesnt worked,last votes))

  22. badmf14 says:

    These 2 dudes in this video are really chill. Godspeed both to them and to
    their cause. Peace. ☮

  23. ProofReadTard says:

    It would help the cause a lot more if this guy wasn’t in pig tails and a
    fuckin bow tie.

  24. Derick Berger says:

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  25. leovillanueva4 says:

    i juz can imagin if a medical grower ran for presidnt and won i wonder if
    weed would be legal in like da next few months haha i cn imagin dat