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38 Responses

  1. noodledwarf says:

    good bud slow ass trimmer i could trim that in about 2 minutes

  2. Alex Argiantopoulos says:

    Please answer this: does the Green-O-Matic smell during growth and
    flowering? What is your set-up?

  3. jhb jkh says:

    @Guerilla1Grow can u grow russian rocket fuel next

  4. Guerilla1Grow says:

    my set up is low budget using up about light 100-150w for flowering and
    veg. stage about 40-50w lights… and yes it always depends.. but of course
    you will smell it… but it will smell a lot when u harvest it… for more
    questions send me a mail =)

  5. jhb jkh says:

    thats okay hey im thinking about growing this i heard it takes about 60
    days…and how bad is the smell when u grow and chop down looks great btw.

  6. vlr213 says:

    do a smoke review of green o matic

  7. Guerilla1Grow says:

    hey no harvest and 10 mins later trimming if you let them dry with the
    leaves and all the stuff the chances are higher that the weed gets mold

  8. Guerilla1Grow says:

    no problem thats why i make these videos…to help ppl =)

  9. michael g says:

    easiest to grow medicine

  10. Guerilla1Grow says:

    hey..the strain looks really nice.. but my seedshop doesnt have it.. im

  11. Guerilla1Grow says:

    mache nichts besonderes… benutze auch kein dünger.. denke mal es liegt am
    strain…und danke =)

  12. michael g says:

    weeds fine letting it dry with leaves some actually prefer it

  13. basketballrules44 says:

    Was this dry trimming? or did u just harvest, trim, then dry? im growing
    the same strain, and its in the last month of budding, just wondering

  14. Chuck Norris says:

    A string.

  15. SirSly420 says:

    Whoa tell me how you really feel buddy lol

  16. SirSly420 says:

    @TRANZONER curing gives the bud a better taste and smell . If its not cured
    it could taste crappy like hay .

  17. SirSly420 says:

    Im not a kid bitch and this drying method works great . Post your own
    videos or stfu

  18. Damn Dan says:

    Sir Sly420, I am with you….Dry it just like that seem’s to be the best
    for Me too….Thank’s for the GOOD Video

  19. FinestKillz says:

    thanks man worked pretty good

  20. MURK M says:

    Thats the stupidity I always see on you tube smh lol kids please know your
    facts cuase this is a very ridiculous way to dry ….stupid kid

  21. HERBLANDZ says:

    when the time comes in 3 months hopefully,can i just dry the weed hanging
    in a closed box with holes in it.

  22. skeeveskeeve says:

    Man I am so glad my harvest doesn’t look like yours.

  23. SumBreezeHuh says:

    Dude, invest in a tripod. This was like watching Hill Street Blues.

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  26. MrBSix23 says:

    thank you

  27. NIGHTSKYE1 says:

    if you line the bottom of the box with cheap cat litter it soaks up the
    moisture in the air and also absorbs some of the dank odour.

  28. John Smith says:

    Anyhow anywho Anyhow anywho dood dood dood!

  29. BluntedKillah says:

    lol what fool he is, after u just helped him

  30. TRIGGABLCKTV says:

    That a good idea u can close top for darkness n still have air n dry flow
    cardboard smart


    u r retarded

  32. eric (eddie) morales-tirado says:

    Hey slick, are they dry yet? Enjoy when ready!

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  34. Coyōte Starrk says:

    You need a few bowls or something… Relax, man.

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  36. diddid notnot says:

    smoke weed, chill out

  37. joe dirt says:

    what is ‘curing’? im completely new to growing and everyone talks about
    curing but never explains

  38. rusty trichomes says:

    @TRANZONER you can just smoke it when its dry but taste smell and it keeps
    better after good cure hope this helps