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11 Responses

  1. Jo3 McCann says:

    Perfect trimming man. wow

  2. budd north says:

    thanks big homie. stay tuned to an internet near you for more updates on
    our deep water aqua culture documentary on indoor hydroponics 420U –

  3. Simon Jones says:

    holy shit nice harvest whats your secret and how many pounds

  4. budd north says:

    we like big ones. sometimes less is way more? wtf? 420

  5. urajokeMC says:

    Sweet trimmer! Boring vid lol

  6. HydroKronic Vilchez says:

    nice timelapse! slow a bit down in the end though, to see bud.

  7. ZeroBrandisBack says:

    Just wondering how long did it take real time?

  8. Metal8Lover says:

    well judging from the moving sun spots several hours at least

  9. Metal8Lover says:

    i should do one of these ^_^

  10. Edercoreee says:

    marijuana is legal in your state?

  11. Cl0udtastic says:

    Like an hour or so