Weed clones dry, fried, burned,curled in the sun, and rescued time lapse part 4

Clones got overheated in the clone tray with lid on it, when i found out i had to do a quick rescue or they would die i added a time lapse movie of the rescu…
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Police connected a third suspect to two men accused of forcing a 15-year-old runaway from Los Angeles to work in a Northern California pot farm and using her…

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9 Responses

  1. JohnnBlade says:

    No Thnx!!

  2. MassLandings says:

    awesome =D very useful information bro lol =D Thanks johnny

  3. HallaBanga Pot says:

    Ah bro you were there just in time 😉 thx for da info!

  4. DaSeven0seveN says:

    its a tip they got dumass the weed lead to them being caught thats all that

  5. leiamarcelina1 says:

    a girl was kidnapped & raped who cares about pot

  6. Joe Smith says:

    bitches love weed

  7. DaSeven0seveN says:

    yo bitch loves the d

  8. DaSeven0seveN says:

    nooo dont…ita make matters worse

  9. Eskiminpublic says:

    Bullshit ! If these 2 dudes werent growing all that weed, police wouldn’t
    even bother !