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23 Responses

  1. Carlos Bogard says:

    I’m just experimenting but I want to get serious. I love your imputed on
    your grow. Can you help me help my plants survive my first test run

  2. ruben89pr says:

    5.4 to 5.8 ph water?….for a soil grow? anyone care speak on this

  3. Joshue Rafols says:

    Vegetative Growth – Growing Weed – Vegetative Growth Of Marijuana Plants

  4. Yann Merc says:

    why you got this i want to do same as you are doing men i can be a pro for

  5. JohnWayneee1y says:

    isnt 24 hour light cycles a bit risky, dont they need to sleep at some

  6. Tyler_Ard_ says:

    If you let your plants ‘grow to the desired size’ in veg, then they will
    hit flowering and double & you will be shocked

  7. KevinFromMinnesota says:

    How long do you keep the plants in veg? Is it the same for all plants or
    does it depend on the strain?

  8. Wyatte Woodworth says:

    Actually there is no true evidence science says and growers says its all he
    said she said but Award winning plants are grown with a consecutive 24 hr
    lighting in the vegetative stage.

  9. cd123atd4e says:

    ill settle this easily .. every strain is totally different .. some do well
    with 18 and some do perfect with 24 .. i personally have always used 24 ..
    but i know some day ill find a strain that does better with 18 . now as far
    as natural goes i do think its only natural for a plant to have darkness
    even though i give them 24 .. i think that helps them respond better to the
    switch to flowering .. thats my personal belief though

  10. Gaero115 says:

    @wadzilla You shouldnt do that you should grow them as much as you can as
    tall as you can and let the fall and winter hours take care of them

  11. mofe57 says:

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  12. Raffy Taffy says:

    really good vid man , a lot of essential info

  13. Brendan Walsh says:

    great selection of videos ,hoping I’ll get a good crop under fluorescence
    now before going under my new 300 watt LED’s

  14. a2theDawG says:

    for real, it sounds like the song from too $hort’s blowjob betty

  15. bigdog1002 says:

    Also, some studies have shown that after 18 hours of consecutive light, the
    only thing getting bigger is your electric bill..18/6 is the way to go
    unless you’re trying to get clones to root

  16. williams jerry says:

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  17. cd123atd4e says:

    cause if they never seen darkness and bam u switch them to 12/12 they will
    deff know something is different and it is time now .. bud girl bud

  18. joseph bennett says:

    You’re a noob

  19. bigdog1002 says:

    And I bet you can also find award-winning plants that were grown with an 18
    hour day as well. So you haven’t proven anything

  20. livinglive101 says:

    no…. *face palm plants dont sleep

  21. JSizzleAndFriends says:

    whats the song name you use for your video’s?

  22. bigdog1002 says:

    It’s not technically “sleep” but there is evidence to show that plants are
    better off with a “night” cycle.. there are certain processes that can only
    go on in the absence of light… even in veg stage

  23. Gilberto Maldonado says:

    Very well presented. Cheers!