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6 Responses

  1. thedudedontcare says:

    Vader you are a very experienced grower but your dont know much about
    breeding. Earlier flowering males should never be used when breeding.

  2. sparten112083 says:

    U barely said anything about wat to look for wen choosing a male…much
    much more to go into…r u just trying to keep it a secret ? Lol

  3. brockkkk6969 says:

    Dude ur the shit. those fems and males are beauties

  4. edoh907 Mr. E says:

    i’d like to see more of male selection. when i picked my qush male there
    was 4, the 2 best looking best smelling ones were kept then i tossed the
    one that didn’t flower as well,. the keeper had some balls turnin purple
    and visable resin. but then when i got my Chernobyl male flowered that one
    was way resiny compared to qush seemed to flower way faster too so idk if
    that qush is that great. i’d like to pop more of them an flower all the
    males toss the weaker before they pop. thanks u da man

  5. VaderOG says:

    @Greenyalator absolutely, males that show sex early have a dominant set of
    alleles passing on “hemp” qualities. early males are generally avoided =)
    the earliest showers were already trashed, of course subcool is the man
    love da weed nerd 4 sure

  6. ButchCivic says:

    Great work Vader.