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8 Responses

  1. TheEricKnudsen says:

    ironic part is seeds are more valuable than the buds

  2. xbcnfujv says:

    i love mature male plants!!! their flowers are beautiful! i don’t have the
    heart to kill them! instead, i immediately relocate them to the
    wilderness… maybe i should leave one in front of city hall sometime…

  3. aviationsquadmusic says:

    What do u do wit da leftover hermied bud after u grab ur seeds? Is it good
    for running or making bubble or is it not potent at all?

  4. SergeantStedenko says:

    Looking great Vader.

  5. VaderOG says:

    @DeutscherYoung ET =P

  6. Goda Hell says:

    lol i just did this 3 days ago with the hashell berry, Yours looks good

  7. kestral super says:

    i have 1 plant out of 12 females,that seems to have developed seed pods,
    odin knows how ! but thr empty, wtf?!?

  8. Xeno Kratios says:

    I’ve sprayed mine, I find that the buds ripen up A LOT and you get a great
    tasting budder, but don’t dust the pollen that much, males are controlled
    and then picked of pollen. Then polen is placed on the buds that need to
    turn into seed factories. A bit more controlled