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3 Responses

  1. Jesse Burrows says:

    You did amazing! From all the negative reads about what a waste of time it
    is unless your desperately trying to save a strain… you sure proved them
    wrong. I think they were all quick cash guides I was finding. Ones centered
    around quick turn overs and max results instead of people who were in love
    with their plants and the simple act of gardening. This project has given
    me such peace and relaxation. Now I know why people have bonzi plants.. my
    early bloomer is about 2-3 feet tall. I was told to remove everything that
    was budding or almost everything off of the plant and then put it under
    24hr lighting? I’m an indoor gardener for now. Any insight you have would
    be much appreciated. They are all in good soil but next transplant I’m
    adding the super soil recipe as well. I want it to be a water and forget it
    type of grow as much as I can get it to be. I’m sick and also growing for
    other OMMP patients. It’s difficult physically but so rewarding. I also
    live below sea level in a pacific coastal town… not sure what that does
    to plants. I basically live on the ocean so salt water in the air and lots
    of rain and cool weather. Mold is usually an issue but I got that nailed as
    far as my plants go. No pest problem. Maybe deficiency and light problems
    with my two newest which are also the oldest and biggest. The lady I got
    them from believes the lighting issue sent the one into early flower. I was
    worried about it turning hermie since I heard it was a problem? Sooo I
    started to look up vids like yours to see what I could do to save her, if

  2. thepoundgametv says:

    Thanks brotha! We are very excited to see her finish!

  3. kingkilla179 says:

    HARD TO LET GO! Its nice to pullthem out sometimes but hard to keep around
    at the sametime looks great.