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25 Responses

  1. 420xx247xx365 says:

    i want some rockstar! holy shit that looks good

  2. DankBudz4U420 says:


  3. Skyler Leon says:

    stop talking and start smoking

  4. Blitz Rocko says:

    Who grew the weed that called kasmir?

  5. Mrconeman69 says:

    Here we have the skunk, some more skunk a little more skunk. O.o

  6. kingmaster434 says:

    I want weed condoms (y)

  7. blair170 says:

    @shuckafree hes all about the flavorrrr!

  8. metalking21 says:

    you should record a mad session sometime

  9. dan2thek says:

    needs to be a little more specific then “its def. a cross”

  10. Ianoodin says:

    Canadian’s are so lucky:]

  11. grandslam841 says:

    God, i would have a boner if all of this weed was laid out in front of me

  12. DerKuhleKlaun says:

    your eyes and your nose are a bit like eminem xD

  13. BertBarcheez says:

    Hell, if youre a real connoisseur the weed is all about the flavor. hate
    weed that taste like shit, even if it does get me stoned, cause theres
    always something else that taste delicious that gets me to the same point!

  14. John Doe says:

    weedguy sure does use the word flavorful alot haha

  15. cordel666 says:

    omg reme i wish i had your job

  16. italianbc says:

    PG04 Remo’s Bubba Kush….#1…

  17. MrLonelyStoner says:

    Rly flavorful, rly rly flavorful. Lol i love this guy

  18. Purnez says:

    seems like UG picked CC09 😉

  19. Murad Huseynov says:


  20. forgotaboutbre says:

    PG05 kinda looks like bubba kush

  21. mragony42069 says:

    PG01 ! o my

  22. 208stroker1 says:

    anyone play pot farm on facebook…besides me.?

  23. JHAV5589 says:

    Some other words you could have use would be delicious, delectable, yummy,
    scrumptious… and so on. A thesaurus can do wonders On the other hand that
    stuff looks very SAVORY!

  24. Michael Schneider says:

    i don´t know what is best the different starins or their names they have 🙂

  25. thetoneranger1 says:

    I’m from the states, and some of these strains I’ve never heard of. I’m an
    American and Canadian citizen because my dad is Canadian does that mean I
    can get a medical card in both?