Tutorial: Scrog Tools and Materials for Cannabis Cultivation (Part 1)

Tutorial: Scrog Tools and Materials for Cannabis Cultivation (Part 1)

Grow420Guide and this video are for information purposes only, and intended for medical marijuana patients who live in a city, state or country where cultiva…
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Plants look like they are finishing up so im starting to flush. Should be another 10 or so days til harvest. Thanks for watching!

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50 Responses

  1. Sour Inc says:

    Amazing what lego parts can do in the right hands.

  2. kelaiah randolph says:

    holy fucking titties lmao

  3. kamal williams says:

    Can u scrog auto flowers

  4. Stoned West says:

    A k’nex grow light, now that’s putting the forgotten toys of childhood to
    good use!

  5. FaTxNiNja says:

    awesome as always man 🙂

  6. LTran21 says:

    what material is the scrogg screen ? did u just buy that as a whole or did
    u make it urself

  7. J Bjarmars says:

    RON PAUL 2016 🙂

  8. Mestrius Plutarchus says:

    Holes in your screen are a bit too small. You’ll have difficulty pulling
    them back under and moving them without causing damage.

  9. duratoke says:


  10. CronicKatie1 says:

    Nice videos man, i really enjoy watching your channel! Stay faded and
    medicated p&p!

  11. dfe says:

    Lol, random lettuce plants and kintects stand. XD

  12. jonatiino says:

    LMFAO!! holly fucking tits. You’re definitely a Dawson.

  13. Grow420Guide says:

    Honestly it was perfect size. The cam may make it look a lil small. But it
    was easy to get through and was ample support. I do have to say scrog
    sooner rather than later lol

  14. Dj Va says:

    I liked the video till you said Ron Paul 2012 lol

  15. ChronicMxRider339 says:

    dykes… wonder y they call them that..

  16. M29NT says:

    Hey man. Can you clone your plants after you know the sex? Or do I have to
    clone it before 12/12??

  17. hicks391 says:

    Honestly those are the same two bracelets I wear everyday

  18. Kier says:

    holy fucking titties

  19. venomedge V says:

    knects lamp Mtha Fkn Gngsta

  20. Harry Lloyd says:

    First time iv watched one of you’re videos! that intro is sick! :L

  21. Anthony Marino says:

    I Love lamp! #anchorman

  22. Anthony Devo says:

    SCORG = SCREEN OF GREEN. Not SOG (Sea of Green) You allow more light
    penetration on the main colas of the plants so more yield.

  23. dust gxf says:

    Silly white boi

  24. Grow420Guide says:

    Thank you!! My friend Darkis Knite threw that song together real quick for
    me to use as an intro track, he also lets me use his music on my other
    videos. Thanks for watching 😀 peace&pot!!

  25. iowcandepress says:

    lego k’nex is soooooo gangster…..peace!

  26. mitch gring says:

    Still gon b fire..

  27. llama9274 says:

    sativa dom? fox tails out the ass

  28. cowgoosechicken says:

    comin off that high it'[S] that do[U][B]le-set rapped around some funk in
    the trunk I got the mossberg pump and bout’ to jack a punk and when that
    siccness hits I’m [L]ike a new stage watch my [B]a[C]k, hit the dank, load
    the gat, make the grave twelve midnight

  29. johnnydoesable says:

    If you use organic nutrients and the auto water system is getting clogged
    up then chances are a lot of the good organic food isn’t making its way to
    the plants. This may be why the ones you were hand watering were chunkier.

  30. MrChewymentos says:

    1st viewer… Dam man… i gotta thank you so much for continuing to give
    me a worthwhile grower to watch, everytime i think im gonna tear my hair
    out cause there are no good vids left you come through wit a new one

  31. Growing With Mr.Tight says:

    have you considered cutting the lights back to 10 hours of light to help
    controle the foxtailing? I would for the last 10 days if i were you
    considering your growing all the same strain.

  32. TheKagroth says:

    this is every strain, the bigger you veg them the less consistant they
    become. i deff think if you woulda put em into flower sooner. they would be
    super danky now.

  33. joeblowcoldcity says:

    You didn’t let them go long enough, i grew this strain from seed and only 1
    of 5 females finished in 10 weeks the rest went almost 90 days. The
    foxtailing is in the genetic also depending on the pheno. The super silver
    pheno was the 10 week one all the sour d leaning ones went 12 weeks.Don’t
    be discouraged tho this is a difficult strain to grow……. but very
    rewarding! I usually throw 2 of these in my room to keep for head stash. .
    peace keep up the good work.

  34. seedless0420 says:

    Maybe the plants that are having a problem are getting to much water and
    its slowed the development down on the bad buds koMa has no problem with
    topped plants u say the plants that look the best are the ones that u have
    to hand water maybe that strain likes a real wet dry cycle I only run my
    water when the pots get real lite the first 6weeks especially from week 3
    to 6 cuz the plants have better growth with a wet dry cycle

  35. BURRVISION says:


  36. Rinka Dinkles says:

    @joeblowcoldcity Its the truth. Hard to listen to someone with no finished
    product or anything else on their channel too! Not hating, just stating
    what I see…

  37. Will Gallihugh says:

    how the fuck dont u get caught? or is it legal where u live?

  38. ZOBGLASS says:

    i really like your vids man, please keep making more … thanx

  39. 227matatan says:

    what was the final numbers looking like? dry pics?

  40. Tommy TheTuna says:

    @GreenTigerCA When I started to learn hydroponics I was taught a rule on
    the amount of length and size of the pipe. Unfortunately I can’t remember
    the formula. Now its become second nature. We have recently experimented
    with having a 1 1/2″ pipe lead into a 1″ to add a second pressure rush.
    1/2” can be used but in theory it has to be above the watering level to
    allow gravity to draw the needed amount. However that is in no way
    practical to this lovely garden.

  41. McDank8O5 says:

    looking like cola city in there!

  42. sloshy333 says:

    looks like you have powdery mildew

  43. 365bubbaluv says:

    up late md?j/k cant wait to see the multi strain harvest great vids and
    great info

  44. LIVELYHOOD413 says:

    Sht lookis good but there got to b something wrong wit da drip system that
    one cola u showed really lookd like it was 3 Weeks into flowering. most
    haze strains are feeding the can take the full strEngth of the nutes. but
    the shit still bomb dont cut dem all down leave da small branchs n give
    them another eek or so if ya could

  45. GrowerMD says:

    @MrChewymentos its a mondi sub pump

  46. joeblowcoldcity says:

    @joeblowcoldcity I kept the 10 week pheno it was chunkier and finished

  47. Colie Glass says:

    i just harvested this strain… 12 weeks is what i had to let mine go…
    same problem with some of the buds though… made great hash but a bitch to

  48. lee of london says:

    ive just trimmed up a silver haze grow and no it wasn the highest yeilder
    but i gotta say im still more than happy with the lower return and longer
    flower time,its a fantastic smoke,a real happy strong high,im running
    another haze (in veg now) …. northern lights#5/haze, its like 60/40
    sativa dom and a cup winner back in 90 and 94,ive had the seeds years and
    at last they have been popped and are in veg after all this time(bought em
    in 03)

  49. Ryan Betts says:


  50. GrowerMD says:

    @rebornmatrix no