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25 Responses

  1. ItalianPs3Player says:

    cold or hot water ?

  2. Urbex Vince says:

    HELP ! ! I’ glad I found this video. I intend on germinating Green Crack
    as well. Do you know how long it takes for them to grow fro seed to
    harvest? In dirt indoors. THANKS I also like and subscribed.

  3. Javier Vanegas says:

    So they are to be left in light? not in darkness?

  4. pamela brown says:

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  5. sal-9 says:

    Can you keep them in like a dark closet or do they have to get sunlight
    while germinating?

  6. Peri vitukad says:

    so does it need the light when it germanates ?

  7. Rodney Haire says:

    1:37 check it out

  8. controversyist says:

    its ok if i use my winner loto ticket ?

  9. Wayne Jones says:

    No offense but bud do more research. You may get some good results but
    theres a better way. Not saying ur way is wrong but theres a better way

  10. drew areo says:

    for some reason i put the seeds in the water and the sunk to the bottom and
    the seeds haven’t popped need help.

  11. Mike Carlson says:

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  12. mrshatti7700 says:

    my seed has already been in the water for two days and nothing changed its
    the same .. should move to the next step or the seed is bad ? any help!

  13. ruben cortes says:

    eyy what if you germinated them and when ur planting them the root breaks
    half wayy

  14. william bobson says:


  15. Lilljacob says:

    Nice, just got myself a apartment 🙂 seeds have been in cup of water soon
    for 48h Finally my first grow, I will never buy again.

  16. tomas pelliccione says:

    lol good job

  17. ruben cortes says:

    after you gerinate the seeds how long do you leve it in the paper towl for

  18. supERmOdZ2011 says:

    If it does not show any signs of growth after 48 hours from start should I
    pronounce the seeds dead?

  19. Leard muli says:

    sucks to fuck you sister

  20. Jordan Jeter says:

    Tried this method with Auto Trans Siberian and it worked brilliantly!! I
    only added one thing, I took a very sharp knife and slowly shaved off the
    skin of the hull then cracked open my seed very very carefully and within a
    day the root was out and don’t put autos on paper towels or try to
    transplant them, it stunts their growth and yield a little.

  21. Christopher Gibbons says:


  22. Sampoerna Utek says:

    it’s Jesse Breaking Bad

  23. DevonteDavisTV says:

    how long do you keep them covered?

  24. PotCollegeTV says:

    If you are growing from seeds that aren’t feminized you should check out
    the PotCollegeTV YouTube video: Sexing Marijuana Plants

  25. says:

    Sweet, you should check out some of my videos how the DEA is bought into
    the Marijuana Movement. Monsanto weed here we come. Unless ‘we’ do a better
    job! Great workin together so far!