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8 Responses

  1. daniel velez says:

    I topped twice, i super cropped and my Indicas are huge.

  2. daniel velez says:

    I have Indicas and are on 12/12 light cycle for about a week they are
    really Bushy can i trim some of those leaves so when the buds grow they can
    have light or should i leave the plant create buds and then remove the
    Leaves that are covering the buds?

  3. Joey Zuijderwijk says:

    Good shit

  4. skinny lee says:

    sound advice NAM, all the best.

  5. JUNWEI li says:

    sound advice as usual

  6. Patrick Ryan says:

    Everything iv read says don’t give em nutes cause they are picky….. iv
    been giving them water and molasses. …… that’s it coupke drops of cal
    mag they are at day 33 now

  7. dirtybongwater grows says:

    thanks for the vid and info

  8. Northern AutoMan says:

    This is mostly for beginners, and all informational. Not an update on my
    plants. I will be uploading a video for my plants bright and early tomorrow
    morning 🙂 Have a good night all. Peace.