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25 Responses

  1. Muma Eric says:

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  2. jarryd odea says:

    that leaf on your thumb is bugging me

  3. Joey Panza says:

    I trimmed right over fifty lbs throughout season, making roughly 300 a day. Given the fact that I was trimming a little over two lbs per day. I personally would grade that as a c+ bud which is another reason the trim job looks shitty. Regardless, it should take no longer than thirty seconds to trim a nug. My grower would have scolded me.

  4. bill goldschein says:

    Do you trim before and/or after drying?

  5. William Chambers says:

    That’s too bad, I feel for you!

  6. William Chambers says:

    Is there anyone commenting on this video that trimmed over 50 pounds this season? If so please speak up! Really, if I handed in a pound looking like this bud I would be asked to go away and never come back!!! But it is refreshing to know that there are so many people who would buy their smoke with as much wood and waste as this novice is leaving. It also explains why a good trimmer makes $200.00 a day, that bud should have been done better/cleaner in a forth the time!

  7. mista koffy says:


  8. beautyphone89 says:

    It hurts me that he’s cutting so much off =[

  9. Mr1LL35T says:

    fuckkk that, i wouldnt even trim it that much…a little extra leaves wouldnt hurt anyone..if anything it will help out if u know what i mean ;).plus it adds weight :3

  10. kapiocosi says:

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  11. herbal research says:

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  12. Arguingmachinery says:

    Lot of youtube “experts” here.

    They’re all like “OMG You’re doing it wrong. You need to die. I’m an expert who doesn’t have videos to prove”

  13. Jay Jay Savage says:

    Sounds like Michael Cera

  14. schmatever says:

    hacking into good bud, what a mess. true connosiuers know that trichomes and glands are must be left untouched for the best smoke.

  15. vic tor says:

    “trichome bullshit” ?!?!? are u fucking retarded? YOU are the one that knows nothing of what you speak! trichomes are THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of the damned plant to begin with!!!  and no dummy “bud is bud” is the same reason why growers are select with whom they smoke with. (SMH) spoken like true ghetto trash.

  16. vic tor says:

    you trim AFTER you dry/cure?!?!? thats working ass backwards if anything

  17. chanclor peters says:

    i would have kept it all

  18. Marcus Beale says:

    hell yeah…. i would’ve just put the whole fuckin’ thing in the grinder and take the stems out after, but thats just me

  19. beautyphone89 says:

    Why does it look like you are wasting the plant? Like you trimmed off about a good joint’s worth

  20. Richard Rolfe says:

    obviously you guys have never trimmed pounds on pounds this fool is a rough trimmer but isnt doing anything wrong. you fuckin hippies and your trichome bullshit when you dont even grow or prolly know what your talking about. bud is bud man why dont you spend less time trollin on youtube and go smoke some.

  21. Lyn Ennis says:

    You clearly do not know how to manicure a bud so you should not be making videos about it!!!

  22. thisgame2 says:


  23. BucketBoi420 says:

    spiderman smoking weed lol

  24. camcam99ish says:

    cant you put the seed in water and in the sunlight until it sprouts then put it the soil? im not sure if thats true, just remember hearing it somewhere

  25. MarcusFullem says:

    You might as well take a weed wacker to that bud. Do you have shit for brains?