Trimming some OG Kush with the Wander Trimmer

Trimming some OG Kush with the Wander Trimmer

Timelapse video of first time using the Wander Trimmer from with great results. Note: If you use this machine with hemp seed oil for lubricati…
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a look at the girls as they are about three full weeks into flower and then i pop into the trim circle for a minute to check on the trimmins of some bruce ba…
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25 Responses

  1. sammy gonzalez says:

    lookin at tha older vids knowing how u end up now with thousends of dollers
    worth of sick glass with tha 100,000 people tokin daily with u man u killin
    it bro 

  2. Kallavs says:

    (((DUDE))) you gotta clean ur fingernails for the close up shots yo

  3. wilosism says:

    show more hurr durr

  4. wilosism says:

    only when they fall over in the forrest, and there is nobody around to
    laugh at them.

  5. Jake Goldsmith says:


  6. wilosism says:

    top is a circ. so this hitman is a perk to circ.. yo

  7. Its420TymeSS says:

    the top is the turbine splashguard

  8. app369 says:

    Come to Colorado. Why risk getting stuck with some fines or court dates,
    when you could be smoking with like minded people.

  9. desmond milies says:

    i hate lighters myself, but that w.e you call it to light youre bowl just
    looks like a pain man

  10. king vapor says:

    cheers paul

  11. Dakind brew says:

    Great video 🙂 Virtual dap

  12. victor manuel hernandez aceves says:

    the ganja office love the white desk

  13. Snoop Dawg says:

    I need one of those emburs because every time i want to smoke it just
    happens to be windy or rainy outside causing my lighter to go out!!

  14. Enrrique Hernandez says:

    Keep on knocking but you can’t come in

  15. d2m7 says:

    I wonder if cannabis plants are always stoned.

  16. Mah lex says:

    I want to see jipse smoked!

  17. TheExohtic says:

    would appreciate it if you could check out my flower update, im a new grower

  18. Hax R. Hax says:

    The focused face, lol. That happens with me too. It’s just instinctual to
    zone into the beauty that you’re holding when you trim.

  19. Mewtwo420 says:

    i like your bowl its got a lil handle

  20. Shannon Williams says:

    ive bean subd to tokin for a good year somebody said he didn’t smoke in the
    vid but he did!!

  21. ezetreezy says:

    yessir. pertains to women as well as ganja.

  22. Sam Reiver says:

    These are some bodacious pieces man

  23. ERED420 says:

    Gotta rip the bowl down

  24. Silweror says:

    you make hash out of them

  25. Ismokemysalad710 says:

    what watt hps are you using?