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28 Responses

  1. TADabbers says:

    to pics of your mom. sweet dreams creep.

  2. sillaz11 says:

    Much love nay, Fuck haters

  3. Leather Gorilla says:

    do you masturbate?

  4. Eric Watson says:

    @TheLegionObeys go back to school and learn how to speak correctly, stupid

  5. Buddy Hemphill says:

    WOW!!! – wonder what she will produce?

  6. Link Zeppeloyd says:

    early topping and (eventually) tie the branches down

  7. whyusohyper says:

    what strain is that.. nice grow!

  8. 75hilmar says:

    great user!

  9. MIDlandOLSON says:

    I am a firm believer in the more time you spend in your room the more
    weight you get but i think the more you trimm up that shwagg the bigger and
    denser the tops are so less sites but more weight so i think it coulda been

  10. Cpt. Striation says:

    How much did you get from this plant..?

  11. 802bucknasty says:

    he said aliens right???

  12. Steezypleasy says:

    2:39 – Big Picture Thinking

  13. Piuu PÕmm says:

    how the god damn fuck you get the plant big as this????!!

  14. DrSmokeTrees says:

    @KineGrower That is complete bullshit, and FIM is also for amateurs, its

  15. L X T Buddy says:

    does it matter if your plants are touching?

  16. Vas703Finest says:

    did u spray the soap and water on your plants??

  17. NIKK420 says:

    Looking great

  18. jeremih76 says:

    yearh man i like that

  19. urajokeMC says:

    Thats cool that you topped at the end of begining of stretch. I do that
    too, and my yields speak for themselves. Almost EVERYONE will say its not
    good, or poor yield, but I’ll take experience over hearsay ANYDAY!

  20. justinandjes lakin says:

    It will cause u too have to bud a week longer at least. I’d top two weeks
    befor bud that way everything heals and gets kinda stout “befor budding”
    not two weeks after that’s a shifty idea

  21. Don007206 says:

    How long do you veg what do you yield

  22. rusty trichomes says:

    no realy if you have bug or other problems best to keep apart other wise ok
    just get less light to brake the conopy

  23. bigfootchronmasta says:

    I’m trying to figure out what scrog stands for- any ways I have the time to
    tie individual branches though. Nice plant, for sure- good info on the soap
    an water, I’ve used a similar technique and it works great- peppermint oil
    soap- 1-3 drops per gal- depending on level of infestation-Peace!

  24. soufsidestl says:

    bugs, or humans, or ALIENS…. classic

  25. rusty trichomes says:

    for aliens lol dont know but that was highlight for me

  26. MysteryFlavour says:

    just wondering how many plants? how big is your screen?

  27. youngsavage80 says:

    i know some aliens that can use some soap and water.

  28. zshaw369 says:

    when getting rid of mites remember to always use your spray for at least 10
    to make sure you get rid of the old young and eggs of the mites. cause most
    all of sprays that kill adults dont kill larva/eggs i use a organic spray
    with azamax/dr bronners soap. you can use fresh garlic with this mix but i
    do not. spray wait 3 days spray wait 3 days spray wait 3 more days then
    rinse well with r.o. water i never do this past week 1 of flower make sure
    you spray top & bottom of leaves! no spray w/light