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22 Responses

  1. HolidayDrunkMonkey says:


  2. trendyasdabbers says:

    @ToonLinkGaming i’ve done both if you go back a few months

  3. ToonLinkGaming says:

    perhaps a trimming and curing tutorial? up close and maybe even toke up at
    the end? great video mate, loving the constant uploading 🙂 happy 420 😀

  4. cobradad says:

    lol ONLY 99, i got a few clones from nay and there roots where hella long!
    but there doing great! there in flower ryt now! NAYS ULTRA JACK FOR THE WIN!

  5. PurPleStuff0420 says:


  6. TheUnosay says:

    Love your vids … Peace and happy 420

  7. Kochmilk says:

    i love how much you upload keep it up

  8. KingPinCire says:

    id b happy with just 1 plant

  9. Blackwell000 says:

    ‘only allowed 99 plants’

  10. Cartier Carter says:

    so exactly how much did you veg 1 day 2 day and what was your yield im
    thinking of flowering more but smaller plants

  11. Brothersofvalhall Valhall says:

    as always i want to smoke when i see your medication bro realy nise nay go
    green peace from norwegian trendy

  12. sweettosmoke says:

    LOOking real trendy my freind.

  13. Rizz016 says:

    Fuck, I love how many videos you upload everyday, it’s awsome dude. Im
    never dissapointed that there isn’t something to watch.

  14. TheDankestNugz says:

    LOL only 99 plants thats a fuck ton. great buds 🙂 lol and also like the
    fact the vid stops at 4:20 xD

  15. cobradad says:

    @trendyasdabbers im gotta get a new room going soon ,but i ive been bending
    dem plants like u showed me and im geting those knuckles ! TRENDY NAY AND

  16. norcalibayarea408 says:

    Dude your so fucking awesome,later.

  17. trendyasdabbers says:

    @cobradad i hope you mommed one of them breski!

  18. B. Leucht says:

    Trendy, what is your opinion of the Blue Cheese strain? Thanks, enjoy the
    vids! B

  19. seldon420 says:

    just scored me some uk. cheese! What up NAY¿

  20. daGummy says:

    @blight14 cheese is always a way to go. cheese is a skunk #1 selection and
    its fire

  21. Meech007 says:

    if you would of went a little faster it would of cleaned up a lot better
    but looks great!

  22. Shalin Plumber says:

    you kill all tricomes this way