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25 Responses

  1. Edward Elric says:

    nice song

  2. Simon Jordan says:

    Lol they just had to add the random shit at the end to make the song 4:20lol ;)

  3. dvmovie says:

    Great song… filled with passion and rhythm… and knowledge and
    information… and facts! (if you can’t make out some of the lyrics,
    they’re in the description)

  4. Med Safe Labs, LLC says:

    Please listen

    Tree of Life by The Human Revolution – Song about the remarkable Hemp Plant
    Cannabis sativa

  5. A Rigg says:

    my new favorite song xoxoxo nice song length 

  6. LedaOhio9 says:

    23 IDIOTS out of 142.140 visits Thumbed this Down..


  7. Nathan Batten says:

    EXCELLENT!! (y) (y)

  8. spacepeace says:

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  9. wukilla11 says:

    Nd only takes 3 to 4 months to harvest amazing plant!

  10. bellamus says:

    Nicely done :-)

  11. TalkThroughElectric says:

    very nice
    i think i might show this to my mom

  12. Madan Mohan says:

    Brilliant song and video! Well done! Let’s just plant the seeds
    everywhere… =:-)

  13. johnny rodriguez says:

    best song i heard in a long time. this is the truth.

  14. Donald Jauch says:

    listen to this man he hit the nail on the head

  15. Richard Mahn says:

    Seems to speak 4 itself. And also those poor, bloody incarcerated persons
    in many states, and nations. And also those wretchedly dying of
    pharmaceutical poisons, when a true cure for much pain, death, and general
    human misery lies just in the back garden… DOCTOR APOCALYPSE

  16. Dan Weaver says:

    Interesting hippy sings about hemp…

  17. Brad Irvin says:

    “If we press the seeds we will have no need for any other oil”

  18. Christopher Wells says:
  19. Gostic christ gary myers says:

    countrys truth

  20. Edgar Aquino says:

    *Attention **#AmericanIdol** …* #Marijuana #Weed 

  21. The Fourth Estate says:


  22. Jesse Fournier says:

    Time for a Revolution!!!!!

  23. josh cannabis sativa says:
  24. spacepeace says:

    The God News Bible, Revelations to John : Letter to Ezekiel… “To those
    who claim victory, God grants the right to eat the fruit of Joy, that grows
    on the tree of life, in the Garden of God.”

  25. Gostic christ gary myers says:

    vote Ron Paul