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25 Responses

  1. leerid says:

    Nice! What’s the first tune called?

  2. kobe bush says:

    whenever u get a chance email cause i need to learn asap

  3. kobe bush says:

    how long u been doin dis?

  4. FilthyFletch says:

    I have never been able get mode spacing like that. All my years I always have compact thick bushes with almost no spacing or stretch to them like that even after trim and lollipop they just bush right back in. Is it your strains or do you induce a stretch somehow to get spacing on yours. Also I remember you saying you do like 16 plants how much wattage do you throw at them in flower? Just curious Im a hydro/aero guy havent done dirt in decades.

  5. Jamesandkate25 says:


  6. Jamesandkate25 says:

    Same question as teambogie!!

  7. defkilla09 says:

    ah what the wife wants the wife gets?

  8. TeamBoonie says:

    Where can I Get the stuff u put in the pots b4 u put the plants in

  9. mindshotjon says:

    love the music, makes me want eat mushrooms and watch fantasia!!

  10. GODLUNGS says:

    i dont even wanna see this right now. i just spent the last two days about 7 hours each transplanting. ugghhhh

  11. PeopleEqualShlt says:

    it works as long as the plants get time to dry out and arent wet 24/7

  12. Tyrannabudz says:

    Thanks for the reply bro. I figured out how the bugs are getting in. Attic house fan gets run at night and it sucks them right in. They find their way to where they should not be. Got some Safer brand 3 in 1 spray seems to work pretty good. Going to build another wall to isolate the garden area from the rest of the basement and seal it all up. try to keep the critters out. Thanks for the info.

  13. slyy8585 says:

    I would of also but that’s how she wanted em

  14. slyy8585 says:

    As long as it woks bro that’s all the matters

  15. slyy8585 says:

    Research everywere get the environment right and do things that work for you and always be open to ideas no way is the wrong way..

  16. slyy8585 says:

    i prefer mix #4 I never have bug problems u should watch my spider might vid aand by spraying regularly and keeping everythin cleaned up all the time helps peace

  17. slyy8585 says:

    Its up to the plants to tell me sometimes iv feed up to 5 times in a row if there reacting good but it depends and I never recommend doing this unless u know what your doing..peace

  18. slyy8585 says:

    Sounds like its worth tryin il let u know

  19. slyy8585 says:

    i show in the vid with all r.o water

  20. slyy8585 says:

    Thanx will do

  21. slyy8585 says:

    I flush with enzymes and use some for veg and its been going good havnt risked bloom yet though.. new for bloom.. so far

  22. slyy8585 says:

    15 gallon but I only put maybe 13 gals of sunshine mix in there

  23. slyy8585 says:

    Thanx and respect to you on your garden as well

  24. slyy8585 says:

    She is running grapefruit diesel, sour diesel. Iv got two plants I got from medicropper. In with these blue rhino and afghan kush special up date tonight stay tuned

  25. groynejockey says:

    excellent soundtrack!