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9 Responses

  1. DR. FEEL-GOOD says:

    do you keep the water on 24/7?

  2. DirtFresh81 says:

    this is amazing cause I did the same thing in lava rock media and my plant started drooping soon as I started it in the water. did you start off in a water solution or plain water?

  3. Nick MANTRA says:

    how can i transfer a jiffy 7 peat pellet to my DWC?

  4. Omar Fierro says:

    try using a hardy strain try northern lights maybe or white widow?

  5. Omar Fierro says:

    hey im currently experimenting with my fist grow and my plants seem to be THRIVING. this is how i germinated: first i took about 15 seed and thru them in a cup with distilled water and placed them in a dark area untill they cracked. once they cracked i then place them in coco coir pellets. i made sure to never let the pellets dry up. i simply did tht untill i saw roots coming out the bottom then i put them in my dwc system now thing are great and green in my garden

  6. TheGreenlantern44 says:

    am not sure about the soil/hydro transplant, but anytime you transplant any type of plant, you want t keep them in a warm and dark area so they will put all their energy to the roots and get well established, after about 10-16 hours they usuallly sturdy back up IMO

  7. Cristina Alvarado says:

    whats the time between the 2 videos?

  8. GAM8IT13 says:

    During seedling stage after sprouting, how would I make them stay happy. Temperature, humidity, watering, sleep cycles. If you can just tell me what you did to make it so that they would never droop on you I would gladly appreciate it. Cuz I’ve just lost lots of money because of these picky strains.

  9. GAM8IT13 says:

    Really nice. I tried the same with NYPD and bubblicious. It didn’t go so well. They kept drooping after germination. Couldnt even get past seedling stage. I wondered if they needed to be transplanted but I don’t know what they want. Temperature is around 85, I’m not using soil I’m using A-ok starter cubes which should work the same right? Should I use soil instead? I put them in my hydro but it soaked the cubes. Woulf not that over water if it does? I could really use some pro help man