Touching Your Cannabis Plant Leaves to Feel for Sick Ladies

For more information, visit One way of determining whether your Marijuana plants are healthy of sick is by touching the leave…
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Harvesting a 4 ounce marijuana plant - – how to harvest, trim, manicure and dry a 1/4 lb or 4oz bud plant marijuana buds

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32 Responses

  1. HERB SMOKER says:

    How do I stop the leaves from wrinkling???

  2. kama kazi says:

    good vid any suggestions on mine?

  3. Delana Jeffers says:

    What makes turmits or magnets get in the roots in a out door garden this is
    the first time this has happend

  4. brianj123458 says:

    Once a leaf starts to feel like that if you no what you are looking for you
    would be able to see with your plain eyes peace

  5. dirtybongwater grows says:

    thanks for the vid

  6. Papeleta Rastafari says:

    i need some seeds but im in New York someone lookout. thanks

  7. MrGrowingMarijuana says:
  8. growbignuggs says:

    Shit aint done those hairs should be orange and almost gone.

  9. Gauthier De Dobbelaere says:

    Thats not ready to harvest dude .. Over 80 percent should have a deep amber
    look … Urs look like they need a couple weeks more. 

  10. T Bone says:

    Noway is that 4oz dry 

  11. TeamElementalDestiny says:

    shit, is it the camera or his hand is greener than hulk =O wtf were gloves

  12. brain franc says:

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  13. Dan Callahan says:

    Awesome video man, very informative!

  14. The Weed Scene says:

    HUH??? This is 100% hydro!!

  15. CJPapan says:

    So if i put 1 seed in a bucket, just one. How much do you think id get off
    that? Cus i dont have enough money and lights to plant like 30 seeds

  16. Major Burns says:

    I agree bro..although i’m soilless

  17. ukprodergy420 says:

    Nice mate healthy plants looking good! Check my Huge girls out on my
    channel peeps 🙂 and get subscribing peace!

  18. MisterBouncyBounce says:

    i see a bucket with grow medium in it. it maybe soil less but it’s not
    growing in water. i don’t consider growing soil less and feeding with a
    nutrient to be hydro even if technically it might be. DWC, ebb/flow, nft.
    that’s hydro, at least to me.

  19. The Weed Scene says:

    on my site under the “grow store” section u can find the jewelers loupe aka
    magnifying glass

  20. Moises Sandoval says:

    Like 3 oz bro no lie

  21. isaac isaac says:

    where can i get a magnifying glass like yours? Walmart? or online?

  22. Jose Davis says:

    I just jizzed

  23. The Weed Scene says:

    @imgoin2su – it all begins with the strain… some grow large, some grow
    small… some of the best buds ive ever grow were also the smallest plants
    ive grown. u can try more light, cO2, stronger nutes, and change the way u
    grow them, (if u grew small short plants this time, next time try large
    tall plants)… if none of that works then its just the strain.

  24. The Weed Scene says:

    much love bro! this specific strain is Afghan #1. just a plain afghan
    strain ive been growing for a long time.

  25. Nickolas Irwin says:

    wwill do cheif and i no regular household bulbs wont work or does it more
    or less depend if that balb is like a hot balb or like a soft balb u know
    what im gettin at

  26. rubberduck5577 says:

    Is it just me or is the soynd messed up on this video?

  27. Diego Pizzini says:

    i wanted to ask what was the total amount of weeks this took including,

  28. Flint Hangs says:

    Theres no way thats a qp i can bet on it

  29. isaac isaac says:

    thanks alot my friend

  30. IamSixxx says:

    honestly, someone watching a video cant truely know how much a plant will
    yeild. You have to see it up close in person to know.

  31. rukhon786 says:

    Omd ive watched alot of vids on hoq to grow nutes timing but the thing i
    find soo commplicated is lighting like whats the baasic lighting i would
    use on veg and flowering??

  32. MisterBouncyBounce says:

    when you don’t flush did you notice whether the joint stays lit or not? my
    experience is that the more nutes that are left in the plant the harder it
    is to keep it lit. properly flushed weed will not go out once it is lit,
    weed that hasn’t been flushed will go out and needs to be constantly
    re-lit. and that little metallic taste is the nutes, its not bad if you
    just smoke a little of that, but if you have alot of it, that taste will
    eventually make you sick to your stomach.