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25 Responses

  1. Steven McClure says:

    Do u have a video on how it went. I would like to see how it grew after..

  2. E Heasley says:

    Topping doesn’t make your plants taller, if anything shorter and bushier

  3. adrok abilly says:

    Hey man.. Always differing opinions on utube. Ego’s etc.. If u r gonna take
    them outside after starting them indoors what soil did u use to create the
    best npk for those kinda bushy lollipop looking plants that r so young.
    I’ve had to deal with heat waves/hot spots/necrotic growth. Just unsure if
    I should experiment with one of my four as I have a thin main stem &
    already slow growth rate.. Not sure they can handle the early stress? Any
    thoughts? Feedback wld be appreciated.. Peace.. Ads

  4. GeneralB says:

    Straight to the point.

  5. AllTheKillsWereSetup says:

    what does topping do?

  6. james lebitych says:

    i give my fan leaves to my rabbits they love them

  7. stewbird1000 says:

    hey im a new grower and im just wondering…if topping your plant makes it
    taller, would a good mixture of this and pinching make the plant bigger?

  8. CoookieMunster420 says:

    I’m doing 12/12 from germinated seed they’re the same age as yours about 3
    weeks. just topped em up. Anyways my question is, when do they start
    budding? I think i had another question.. i forgot. anyways yeah k thanks
    oh yeah the strain is OG Kush indoor grow.

  9. wanadhite says:

    @mrjamrock1000 yes with fim you can get up to 8 tops from a single cut. ive
    never done it myself but i seen it on high times. i’ve read of forums that
    it can be difficult to do. to do it you just have to trim higher up the
    node. but easier said than done.

  10. SuperAviationWorld says:

    too young to top unless you want to make it small

  11. Mr6000hp says:

    nice dude check out mine

  12. dboithepotsmoker says:

    yo bro thanks for making this video cause i did it and it worked lol. well
    i will subscribe to your channel now & come check out my weed smoking
    channel, i wll be making more vidoes ASAP. Stay medicated

  13. badrob2011 says:


  14. Thedream125 says:

    It Looks Good My Plant will Be Similar Soon

  15. MrMERK19 says:

    how many times can u top it so i can keep getting heads on my plant or
    should u just super crop it.

  16. hellkid688 says:

    @3cho613 hey do you get more bud if you top it

  17. Vsterofied says:

    you suck hairy balls

  18. tawanmam24 says:

    Can a weed plant die by having to much sun

  19. levi91690 says:

    hey i was just wondering if you are supposed to do that when your doin
    12-12 from start

  20. bonedaddy4u says:

    thxs 4 tip i like the pinch method

  21. R3dRED says:

    0:38 … “grows a few branches , then it splits ….. and i like that” rofl

  22. cadiecoupe says:

    Im just starting out…I want to know when you top a plant…what do you do
    with the part you’ve just cut??? Can it be used for something?? Just
    curious…also, how soon do you take a male plant away from the rest??

  23. annabanna666 says:

    @rodgerbellebadboy U MUST BE A CHILD

  24. fishfrizbee says:

    ” it grows a few branches and it fucken splits and I like that” Ha ha
    awesome thanks man

  25. 831gothatrope says:

    @Homegrown5446 or hes using an hps for seedlings