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25 Responses

  1. MrDJPhoeBus says:

    Hey James. How do you manage to keep your plants so bushy and short in the
    beggining of the file cicle? Toppings? Super Croppings? Please help me how
    to do this. I need to keep my plant as short and bushy I can. Please share
    your thoughts. Appreciate your great work by the way. Sorry 4 bad English.

  2. Kevin Williams says:

    can somebody say polygrip.. damn son

  3. fewknew says:

    What about the woodchips? You watched that film at BacktoEden? Self
    composting top dressing just woodchip mulch!! check it out

  4. Kou thor says:

    how you get your tree so bushy at that height. i like how you end the video

  5. liljon180 says:

    Awesome thanks for the reply!

  6. jessi perry says:

    this is out of the blue but have u ever tried mixing rock dust into your
    soil ?ive seen it do wonders on veggie plants like tomatoes ,melons, squash

  7. JamesFranklinOMMP says:

    you will have to come out to see them later…

  8. JamesFranklinOMMP says:

    Thank you for watching and for your comment, Please continue to watch and i
    hope you tell your friends.

  9. scotie Ruc says:

    Love love the fact you’re wearing a D.A.R.E. shirt while filming lol

  10. JesseLeav says:

    lol that shirt.

  11. MiLEHiGHxGROWER420 says:

    preach on loco

  12. liljon180 says:

    Hey James great video! Could you please talk a little more about your rain
    barrel? I made one also like yours but I was only able to seal it with
    silicone. Yours seems to have screws or something holding the spicket in
    place so it wont wiggle. Could you go over it and show what your did to
    keep it sturdy? Thanks

  13. omar r says:

    soory bud , you talk to much should be a little more expecific leave the
    honky axcent at home , ill bet you bud you”ll have more views and up likes

  14. Bobsaggot says:

    Hey the purpling in the stems may be from a calcium deficiency, eggshells
    work great. The yellowing on the insides of the leaves may be from a
    magnesium deficiency and molasses does great for that. I have no idea of
    your entire feed schedule but just wanted to try and help. Azomite is a
    great organic top dress for micronutes into your soil as well, happy

  15. JamesFranklinOMMP says:

    Thank for watching and i am sure hoping so…

  16. KushSYNdicate says:

    Digging the channel buddy


    awesome plants man mine r 6 ft as of today check out my vids when u get a

  18. JamesFranklinOMMP says:

    Forgot to say that i used a hose male replacement end stuck into the piece
    of the ball cock that sticks out of the side of the garbage can, then
    secure it with a hose clamp. This being all said if i had to purchase the
    parts i would have done it diff. I like to use what i have at
    times…Thanks again for watching..

  19. SF10DANK says:

    hella happy i found your channel! you R cool old timer! i left a comment on
    your newest vid but forgot put @ to get it directly to ya. i feel you about
    your views. our soldiers fight for our gov & they just turn around and fuck
    them after they fight for their money,gold,oil,diamonds,metals etc!anywho
    what drugs did you use in the past? i only ask bcuz i 2 am a recovered
    addict.if i only knew ahead and id the drugs were not so readily available
    i probably would have never waisted the years&money

  20. Daniel Beardsley says:

    Hay James. Going back to Combat episodes. Like your garden!

  21. MiLEHiGHxGROWER420 says:

    yup I know what you mean my doc got me on 200 oxycodone 30 mg instant
    release it sucks having a AC SEPERATION.

  22. matthewc420 says:

    looking great. I bet they’ll really start to take off now

  23. JamesFranklinOMMP says:

    Actually its funny you should ask, I used the inner workings of a toilet,
    the lower part of the ball cock. I cut the valve off so all that remained
    was the threaded flange cut the whole to size made a washer to fit and also
    a little o silicone . the assembly i used had the same threading as a hose,
    screwed on a “y” to use the valves to turn it on and off.

  24. LIJE503 says:

    5:22 LMAO HAHAHA ..Stay Toasted Brotha!!

  25. SF10DANK says:

    sorry for all the funny typing . i only get 500 characters/letters so i use
    R(are),bcuz(because),u(you) just to make everything fit lol. stary cool
    young man illbe sure to tell folk to check out your channel for all their
    outdoor growing info.