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25 Responses

  1. 420tokinitup says:

    You brought back the old ending on who sponsors you yay that made me happy

  2. airsoftknives1234 says:

    who was tht little bug eyed beaner

  3. troglodita6000 says:

    How come that much weed is being trimmed at the same time? everyday? All of
    that sells? Customers are coming in and out all day long from dispensaries
    or what? Congrats Paul, i see you are very happy, its obvious why. I shall
    see you tomorrow, here on toking daily

  4. teo sxoreston says:

    I’d love to talk about hash selections while im giving a trim too 😀

  5. Kyle R says:

    Im thinking about working in a despensary once weed is legal in ohio. More
    work vids?

  6. glock763 says:


  7. Miles Russell says:

    greatest job ever

  8. K YaBoss says:

    Why would anyone work? Being a welfare bastard is the best

  9. CENCEL559 says:

    That is very true but I think u should not smoke weed till your 18 19 or 20
    cuz I’m 17 and i stared at 13 an it can fuk up your school learning but it
    won’t kill u at all 559 FRE$NO CALI

  10. Chilipotamus says:

    Someone was blowing some serious smoke up your ass dude…

  11. Muscle Man says:

    Hey tokin what do you think of your state legalizingi it.

  12. Norwegian Lebowski says:

    This would be my dream job. Love from Norway 🙂

  13. Nick Lewellen says:

    why does little focker think hes a rapper. annoying as fuck.

  14. bongwithaname says:

    love it

  15. Jonathan MacDonald says:

    AAAh dream job right here, i guess. haha it would be pretty awesome to
    handle crazy ass weed all day.. haa

  16. MrGreenBudz801 says:

    If I was a trimmer or worked in cannabis that would be the job I would
    dedicate myself to and work my very hardest.

  17. GoldenTallywackle Jones says:

    The outro song gets me smilin’ every time. Welcome back Paul.

  18. Sketch1994 says:

    Otan o allos plhronetai se fountes…edw 3eskizesai na kaneis kati pou sthn
    telikh den klanei! Prepei na eisai perhfanos pou genh8hkes
    ellhnas,perhfanos pou 8a pe8aneis ellhnas alla dustuxos gia to endiameso se
    exoun kanei na ntrepesai…

  19. GodOfFunk25 says:

    Man, if I could work there…

  20. oldskoolmed420 says:

    hey you over there!! Stop manhandleing the trichomes!!!

  21. MohatmaGanja says:

    god damn i hate my job

  22. nospuzzuw says:

    should change name of urkle wreck to Purple Trains

  23. Chilipotamus says:


  24. poolehart says:

    lol Each of those guys look like they’d gladly eat a lb of weed a day, so
    how does this place make money?

  25. chillmothafuka says:

    were you been paul? Been missing your vids for a while man.