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8 Responses

  1. FallenForever says:

    Beautiful girls man. Should be proud of them. Good job on the trimming
    fans,big step to do when your using cfl!

  2. Sneak Growa says:

    They are here. Catch a look at my new seedlings.

  3. CannabisKing503 says:

    Dank shots with that camera man.. Kep em coming

  4. MRBEEF1000 says:

    if u leave it there u could get fungus nats and shit like that

  5. Sneak Growa says:

    Thanks dude.

  6. Sneak Growa says:


  7. MRBEEF1000 says:

    nice grow btw if u raise up the seedlings that have popped it will help
    them n keep the streach minimal

  8. Smitty FourTwenty says:

    dude clean those trimmings / dead leaves off your medium