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25 Responses

  1. TokeE420 says:

    I dont get what hes doin

  2. YouGrower says:

    @nightflierlives The thing the plants are in now is just a rubbermaid bin
    with 2 12″ air stones in it. It’s perfect for veg.

  3. YouGrower says:

    @IVCification These are a bit too tall, but I really pinched them for the
    first two weeks of flower to try to keep them from stretching too much. It
    worked OK. I should have put them in sooner but I didn’t even have my
    Spinner set up yet. I still don’t have CO2, and they are way into flower.
    But it’s better than nothing, my first time through I’m just crashing
    through and working out the bugs. Next time will be better I’m testing:
    Super Lemon Haze, Pure Kush and White Lemon at the same time

  4. YouGrower says:

    @green4medicine Usually 2 weeks, 3.5 weeks is about the maximum stretch
    time. I would go in there and pinch those plants so that it uses more
    energy repairing damaged tissue. try using “bush master” or “Dr. No” next
    time to keep it from stretching too much again. Thanks for the subscription.

  5. Night Flier says:

    Are you Super cropping in your cloner.

  6. Marvin cook says:

    It’s me navypark2010

  7. YouGrower says:

    @green4medicine I only remove fan leaves that are looking pretty old and/or
    damaged. Then they become “net losers” and it’s time for them to go.

  8. MrDrumshag says:

    called superscrogg

  9. YouGrower says:

    @TheSprinster I’m not afraid of shock in the vegetative phase of growth.

  10. YouGrower says:

    @IVCification I just got my new clones going, I am a lazy, lazy person.

  11. Scott Sanders says:

    Hey yougrower. How has the pruning worked out for you. I have run a couple
    of shows thru the spinner without pruning and things got a little branchy
    of course. i then ran 12 “nirvana ice”, pruned and the only place on the
    plant that grew flowers was the top and the 4 or 5 branches that grew after
    I stopped pruning and switched to 12/12. bottom half of the plant nothing.
    quality was excellent but i know I would have gotten more bud if i had not
    pruned and just let them grow into each other.

  12. YouGrower says:

    I’ve done a bunch of different strains in the Spinner now, if the plant
    wants to branch out, I just cut them off as early as possible. I do leave
    two or three side branches on each plant. I find that because the plants
    rotate together throughout their lives, they contact each other in the same
    place, so they grow to find the spaces in between each other (it’s kinda
    hard to explain).

  13. Robert Downey says:

    @MineCraftDuke lololol no! you smoke the buds the female plants produce.

  14. YouGrower says:

    @nightflierlives I’m getting my veg plants all “knuckled up” before I throw
    them into my Spinner.

  15. YouGrower says:

    I flower in the Spinner, almost no veg time, these plants are actually too

  16. Night Flier says:

    sweet kinda like a deep water culture then cool my budy whant me to set up
    a hydroponics system but I’m not confident enough that I won’t burn them.
    ill get there stoners or later.

  17. Marvin cook says:

    Does anybody have current grow in spinner unit going

  18. YouGrower says:

    I missed the part of this vid where I say I’m super cropping? I’m getting
    plants ready for the Spinner.

  19. IVCification says:

    Thanks for the demo. How tall are you vegging these before flowering and
    how much of a stretch do expect? Are these the kush you mentioned in
    another video?

  20. tubtrix says:

    dont bother doin that,, your just wasting your time and the plants
    energy… Where is the value in stressing a plant, it effects your yield,
    for the worst. would you get the best out of yourself if you had somebody
    pinching you all the time and slowing you down?? you would get alot more
    benifit if you hacked the top of ages ago and bending the resulting shoots
    down them (without) creating (knuckles) = fast growth and wide plants..All
    the best bro.

  21. 304runner says:

    ready to flower? They look 2 weeks old :/

  22. DeeRugz4u says:

    Nice! Ive been looking for a Kyle Kushman vid like this, anyone know where
    i can find one? Ive seen the one where he talks about his vid but ive never
    seen his pruning/cropping vid. Nice post here, thanks!

  23. skunkadelicfunk says:

    @YouGrower your doing the exact thing your suppose to do!

  24. RVideoDesign says:

    Still without understand it, could you explain it man? who this help the

  25. John Guru says:

    first off your bending them in the wrong places hahaha you do not take away
    side shoots reason for super cropping is to fake the plant on thinking the
    lower shoot is the top thus creating another bud site once you have a top
    shoot you pinch the stem above the lower shoot bending it right over within
    2 days the lower shoot has grown as well the top shoot has corrected itself
    now you got another top growing thus giving you a bushy plant