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47 Responses

  1. ramansuperman says:

    0:24 no name strain on the pack… wtf?

  2. shadenator says:

    Think different indica/sativa

  3. Josh Arden says:

    40 and cunting…


    cunty wunty mother fuckers…






    love to all you weed smokers stay strong PEACE.

  4. llthugboy says:

    Rlly worth the money ? I use a Tneon.. But i wanne swap

  5. lionshare101 says:

    beats my tangerine dream sativa….going in to week 14 flower and no signs of finishing yet.

  6. God Nuvo says:

    lol Pretty sure there more then 2 panel of led …. Remember have seen a picture of this and we barely see 4 led panel …. Because LED SUCK BALLS lol

  7. andres padilla says:

    I’m with you man, hate the music selection… muted

  8. last rockhill says:

    last rockhill 3 days ago

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  9. Richard Alan Trevithick says:


  10. BuddyBoy2013 says:

    Why would you grow an auto that takes 90+ days to flower? Kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? Might as well grow a photo.

  11. Hassan mustafa says:


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  12. Ivan Quin says:

    Very well done . What Strain?

  13. pmlking says:

    if u dont like reggae u dont deserve to smoke erb

  14. Deez Mutts says:

    moms dont know what the fuck auto flower means.

  15. Thiago Barbosa says:

    Don’t like? Don’t listen.
    Come on… You don’t need to be a hater over here, man. Peace out.
    It’s just a Jamaican thing that was spread over their culture and exported to the world. You can’t deny that. If you like it or not, well, no one cares.

  16. Kyle Ray-Wilson says:

    turn the volume down then.

  17. Bear Grylls says:

    cannabis* associated* and stop using a fucking period every second

  18. jessdragonify says:

    how did u type all that with your head up your ass

  19. jessdragonify says:


  20. Rob Browne says:

    Beng geng gen gen gen geng geng geng

  21. timjranderson says:

    damn I can’t watch a lot of videos on my phone

  22. Rodrigo Eodriguez says:

    wena vola
    thinck different lo mejor de dutch passion
    viva chile

  23. bobmarley8644 says:

    I wan’t to grow a black devil auto flowering what npk solution should i use? please only answer if you know wtf your talking about.

  24. sugarpuffextrem says:

    1 week delivery? Seems kinda long time to ship a few seeds only. I ordered 10 seeds at 4pm and got it next day at 11 am 😛 This is the speediest delivery I ever gotten though but usually I get it in the afternoon nextd ay if ordered previpous day before 4 pm.

  25. LLAGor1lla says:

    Also, Nirvana is a breeder and not a seed bank so from them you only get their stuff.

  26. LLAGor1lla says:

    Nirvana and Herbie’s are both good. I’ve heard a lot of good and bad about Attitude. I use the Single Seed Centre almost exclusively. Less than 7 days from the UK to my doorstep in the US. I really like Herbie’s but every shipment from them comes through customs in Chicago which is notorious for finding and jacking your seeds. I have 5 THC Bomb seeds still sitting there from almost 3 months ago that haven’t cleared yet and the order before that got jacked.

  27. 777dilley says:

    how big was your yield from the jack 47?

  28. 777dilley says:

    how big was your yield from the jack 47?

  29. MeenGreen Bean says:

    I am working on some Cream Caramel from Sweet Seeds, I’ll have some videos up in a week or so. I don’t want to count my chicken before they hatch but I think I am looking at a 160g + harvest with the Cream Caramel, DWC hydro grow with one 400w mh and HPS, I start in a 5 gallon and jump to a 20 gal Sterelite tub week 2, truly amazing genetics. the germination was 3 day from seed to 2.5″ sprouts. The Jack47 was my last grow but I think I will document it next, because it was fun.

  30. CANNABIS-SEED.US says:

    check out:

  31. 777dilley says:

    jack 47 from sweet seeds, a week in now and they are getting tall already and very pretty! i’m doing a totally tlo grow(true living organics, thanks rev!) so i know the bud will be tasty! have you ever tried the jack 47, or anyone?

  32. dmicklerr6947 says:

    Look into creating your own auto seeds, you’ll be happy I mentioned it

  33. dmicklerr6947 says:

    Its useless to clone an auto, don’t do it. The auto clones will not turn in to a plant, they will just fill their buds out(less buds too)

  34. Deez Mutts says:

    have you had any experience with Nirvana ,herbies or attitude seeds?What seed bank would you recommend?

  35. Ozan Bir says:

    1st grow,
    currently at day 1 with my auto babys
    11l pots, soil with 15% of that with stuff(can’t remember the name)
    they’re showing the first “weed leaves”.
    400w HPS with 15% more blue spectrum for veg
    and more orange aso. for budding.
    i’ll start nutriution at week 2, introducing them though slowly 1-2 days earlier..
    only organic.. BioBizz
    a vortex(no carbon filter!), smell is ok and not annoying or stealth needed.
    also a fan, and other fan inside the door, for fresh air
    any advices are welcome!

  36. CraigWelshBoxer says:

    what stage did you switch from 20/4 to 18/6??

  37. maroonchief says:


  38. smparsons769 says:

    Do u germinate auto seeds?

  39. TheKronnic420 says:

    Lovin the tunes man, saw sublime with rome in june. so sweet. What was the first song? and awesome grow, i want to start growing once i get my card so iv just been doing research and watching videos like this, cheers!

  40. itz akz says:

    When you get buds coming along did you change light pattern or 20/4 throughout whole grow

  41. ruebob1 says:

    I am about to drop my seeds .i went with autoflowers based on your instrunal video,s right now
    HPS are not an option can i start with T5 ( keeping the red spectrum in mind ) could i finish with cfl,s in warmer color spectrum,are will it be a waste of time

  42. Adzee cat says:

    will auto seeds do alright outside ?

  43. Anders Andersen says:

    Using an old stem to train with.. genius

  44. roseypeach says:

    you are brilliant!!! and I am a dum dum.
    Was just sitting here wondering how I was going to punch holes LOL

  45. luvthe lake says:

    can u please refer me to good yielding beans, 2.5- 3oz’ plus , harvest = 70 days or so from seed and great stuff? My fav so far is samsara seeds supersonic crystal storm but have only done 6 different strains so im so new at it. I did grow the sscs 2x got 3+ oz of savory bud off each 70 days…thank you

  46. eric b says:

    Wow thanks as always…I figured out what stunted my outdoor lemon juice(besides that its a sucky strain) I had them out in full sun in 90+ degree from day one..oops heat stress…so I pop another for a redo.I will say that lemon juice express has a dank bouquet.

  47. Edga903 says:

    thank you