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25 Responses

  1. blake smith says:

    o god i cameeee

  2. cannasseur says:

    @outdoorgrowin the sreen is a normal screen printing screen. veryy coomon.
    15-25 bucks.

  3. sheemsheem says:

    @DatzGangsta Lol, sorry that was when my keyboard was broken….I was
    saying thats not even alot of kief….Search “iLiFe kief pollinator” on
    google…he is the master from spain!!

  4. yoloswag420 says:


  5. GANJADUDEdotcom says:

    when EXACTLY do you trim your bud, immediately after harvest or a few days

  6. GeorgeWashiification says:

    GEEEEZE IM A FFUCKING IDIOT… lol All that goody goodness i wasted just
    cuz i didnt have a screen, trust me ive always had the idea to do it but
    DAMN i didnt realize how much you get… Next year there will def be
    screens in my trim room!!! hah

  7. GardenOFire says:

    holy sheepshit batman…thats a lot of dam keif

  8. outdoorgrowin says:

    what screen did u use? did u make one with like 2x4s and stuff?

  9. EngineeringIsMagic says:

    LOLOL! Awesome!

  10. Homer Simpson says:

    rack me a line up then 🙂

  11. Negrus Jones says:

    kief madness

  12. cannasseur says:

    @DjViceroy then put that lightly into a tube and blast it with butane…you
    wont be let down.

  13. tommy barresi says:

    I want to be that table!

  14. MonochromeMentality says:

    @medical420farms Yes you`re right.I used to trim it by machine or right
    after the cut…but that kief looks worth trimming the ladies by hand 😛

  15. MrMooney22 says:

    too bad you cant do it in a dehumidified freezer…

  16. cannasseur says:

    @liamsdad33 they do!

  17. MonochromeMentality says:

    hey nice carpet of kief over there did you manicure the buds after drying
    or before? Peace

  18. wangsta231 says:

    ohh its hot turn the fan on. NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  19. lakailf says:

    Fucken ay man

  20. cannasseur says:

    @Gravityboard1 and in what aspect is that sad? eternal life, or sleep with
    the devil? easy choice for me…

  21. cannasseur says:

    @sos60joker the sreen is a normal screen printing screen. veryy coomon.
    15-25 bucks.

  22. sos60joker says:

    make a video of the screen please

  23. Matt Rivera says:

    Rite-Aid Wellness card. Stack them points up son!! 🙂

  24. dakota James says:

    Holy Fucking Shit

  25. liamsdad33 says:

    i bet Rite Aid would like your wellness