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35 Responses

  1. NorCal Cannasseur says:

    not having to mix nutes must be nice brah . im really thinking bout making
    my own super soil but just worried bout burning my babies

  2. Safe T Driver says:

    dude i am diggin your outdoor setup!

  3. Safe T Driver says:

    the clones blowing in the wind and hearing you say sunny washington day
    made me smile a bit!

  4. cantstopsk8n says:

    Looks like he was using the Original Mix.

  5. superscaryeti says:

    nice grow:)

  6. Zombifiedbydank says:

    Nice fuckin set up!

  7. lxp3559 says:

    @DrGoodGrow what u mean testing stage

  8. Avedis4Life says:

    subcool is still testing his pre packaged super soil and potting soil.. but
    you can always mix up your own its really easy you just gotta order azomite
    off amazon or somthing thats the only hard thing on the recipe list to get..

  9. MrXxJ3LLOxX says:

    I saw that you had white rocks or gravel in your greenhouse is that for
    light reflection ?

  10. Avedis4Life says:

    yea i saw that stuff on your uploads i was wondering about that but i was
    just following sub cools directions on the super soil recipe.. whats
    diffrent from the greenfields and the orginal?? i also have seen 707
    roots… so far the these plants are loving the roots though im so happy
    not having to mix nutes for my outdoor plants… it just feels right you

  11. ITSROBHERE says:

    Yeah it doesn’t have much to do with potency, for potency you should focus
    more on nutrients and the strain your working with but the reason we want
    bigger buds is bigger buds = bigger yield = bigger profit from each plant.

  12. orgasmoman69 says:

    fuck off do people actually fall for that shit???

  13. orgasmoman69 says:

    whats with people wanting bigger buds?? bigger doesn’t allways mean stronger

  14. Ruth Sixtysix says:

    Yes, thank you! Very helpful and very-very (very) well made. Real
    professional, not only in comparison to various punk-vids one has to deal
    with here. Full 10 points from the German jury!

  15. Urarealjackass says:

    Total shit. The reason those branches can’t support those buds is because
    he’s jammed 12 plants under each light. Scraggly ass plants

  16. Kaka D says:

    Marijuana Growthe secrets unvieled , weedism . net

  17. Acer D says:

    these fuckers grow thc level marijuana too high

  18. keirus69 says:

    plenty of places to get that info, gotta remember this isnt legal in most
    places, so the amount of information they might be legally able to give
    (even tho its a simple subject like pruning, and is fairly universal in
    terms of tipping, removing fan leaves and suckers etc) could be limited

  19. Kazzzzzo says:

    I didn’t get info on how to prune, where to prune…

  20. Adam Cantalamessa says:

    Can i top each stem or just the top of the plant ?

  21. Cpt. Striation says:

    I heard you can grow as many plants as you need now is that true?

  22. bluntman305 says:

    nice room lil plants

  23. june greenjeans says:

    Thank you ever so kindly for shedding some insight

  24. MegaOGKing says:

    why are you addicted?

  25. Leontin Leontovič says:

    awesome material can make up to 1500 products from weed, most
    importantly clothing, for growing of cotton is used 75 percent of all
    pesticide used in the world cos cotton is very sensitive plant,marijuana is
    like weeds, it can grow nearly everywhere and need a little
    attention,fabric turned out from fibers of body of the plant is strong,
    soft and anti-allergic, by specialist is recommended for making underwear,
    baby wear etc. it can be used as a building material, for incredibly strong

  26. Dave Austin says:

    Hmmm, I started a comment but it just disappeared. so, I was writing that
    the comment TheNotoriousKRP is not relevant to the pruning techniques
    described in the video…I suppose neither is mine, however, it is quite
    common for people to write words in the wrong form. Smoking does not equal
    Dumb Ass nor do I mean to insult anyone with this comment. Many MANY people
    do the same thing, both the dumb asses and the highly educated so it’s not
    a slam on anyone, but he is correct. You’re = you are.

  27. Arma Phenom says:

    Ahahaa your damn straight.

  28. Phillip Bade says:

    i wouldn’t think so. Just prune the lower branches

  29. Zonda Pagani says:

    Those are definitely not 5 gal. pots

  30. Robert Rush says:

    i was growing 1 plant, and i got too high and i broke the plant about 2
    weeks before the budding

  31. Kev420Martin says:

    Please any experienced growers look at my video let me know how him doin.

  32. bignate523 says:

    and the winner for biggest TROLL on youtube is CindyBin2001 somebody needs
    to find out her address and we can all send her Troll dolls to add to her
    collection maybe a couple of doobies too lol

  33. Leontin Leontovič says:

    ropes, fibers from marijuana and right type of epoxy can be shaped like
    carbon plates with nearly same results of strength,weight and
    flexibility.bricks made from it have bigger or same calorific value then
    black coal, but burning coal make pollutants,marijuana doesnt.oil from
    seeds is one of the best in the world on nutritious values.i wrote before
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  34. 20259171 says:

    that time of the month is it?

  35. dr Cannabis says:

    Got my seeds from today any tips for germinating?