Spider Mite Intervention With Flowering Marijuana Plant

Watch the unscripted, untested method of combating spider mites in a home weed grow op. Please leave your Spider Mite Tips in the comments! http://mypotlog.c…
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How To Transplant New Seedlings When Starting Seeds Indoors

http://www.seattleseedling.com http://www.facebook.com/seattleseedling When growing new seedlings, there’s a process. First, you sow the seeds and wait for t…
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31 Responses

  1. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Spider Mites are nasty – and I still have a trace of them haunting me… I am ramping up the war, and bringing in predator mites.

  2. Nick Kush says:

    I like walking around pulling leaves in the few weeks after treatment. I start knowing what area they are in and the next treatments are more spot treatments. And throw the infected leaves in burning hell to never come back.

  3. Juiced Cannabis says:

    You haven’t been listening to me fucking, have you?

  4. John kennedy says:

    What an annoying fucking voice you have

  5. Juiced Cannabis says:

    ya – and recently a fella gave me a tip that commercial weed growers use vacuum cleaner weekly to keep the mites at bay.

  6. MrLilj157 says:

    just showering it wit a hose wrkd

  7. Juiced Cannabis says:

    Yessir – soap kills the adults and the blast of water will remove a lot of the eggs. Repeat every three days, and in two weeks, the mathematical odds are – you have killed them all.

  8. BigMacBook1300 says:

    Did the same thing on my DWC indoor, put them in the shower  had a detachable shower head and gave those mites hell for 30 mins turned on the vent fan let them dry for an hour or two then repeated the process , then used my microscope to see if any are left.

  9. Juiced Cannabis says:

    This method really works wonders if you do it fully. BUT – Spider Mites are like a virus… if you leave just one of them alive… they will slowly rebuild and, in a few weeks or months – they appear again.

  10. Mark B says:

    Cool set up, would like too see the final outcome =O) as for the spider mites i hope there race gets totally wiped out,damn things!

  11. don playa says:

    rinse da plant off with soap water for 10 mint den rinse it up with water

  12. Papeleta Rastafari says:

    To keep mites away all you need is a couple chopped up pieces of jalapeño peppers in a pot wit water and let simmers then use that in a sprayer! The good thing about this method is that the plants love it !

  13. dink winkerson says:

    explain 😉

  14. RANDOMxONE24 says:

    You have great water pressure

  15. capricechild92 says:

    LOL, your jokes are funny. The pre intervention joint. Water boarding the plants. Lol. ..I take the hose to them in veg if they get aphids.. not much to do if they in flower, continue harvest, make butane oil or cold extract. I gotta catch up on your vids..

  16. capricechild92 says:

    So sorry man, you’re learning all the things I did. I’m trying to help as much I can. The seeds I purchased are larger plants cause I noticed the small thin plants are very weak. They can make great flowers but they just have so many problems. I got these big bush type plants and spray them with BT cause I get moths/ caterpillars..using the BT I’ve never had other problems.. just an idea. But I hated growing those small OGs..fukn problems everyweek.

  17. dink winkerson says:

    i use neem oil 1 or 2 times a month…seems to keep em down at bay…i sear the soil companies are not filtering for these bugs

  18. RXFARM1 says:

    what i might have done is thaken the whole bucket outside got a pump sprayer,,, and blasted them with neem,,, then blasted them with the soap,, blast rinse with water let dry inspect and return to room ,,,but take all of them while they dry,, pyro bomb and rubbibg alcohol spray your tent or room,,,or you may be repeating this next week

  19. THCfarmerbryan420 says:


  20. THCfarmerbryan420 says:

    Use bay leafs

  21. GreenMoney369 says:

    Love watching u water board that plant 🙂

  22. dirtybongwater4678 says:

    i know its not organic but i use a neem and azomax mixture for preventative method i also found out it works on thrips too i was told that the mixture could be washed off if you want to juice the leaves but im not brave enough to try it lol

  23. Jay C says:

    Have you tried neem oil underneath leafs?

  24. WeedGrower WeedSmoker says:

    i wouldnt take the risk by putting that plant back in your room j.c unless you know the mites are dead….

  25. hydrorod says:

    cld help me separate my seeds anytime, thx.

  26. barkershill says:

    erm , just putting them near a window wouldn’t work I suppose?

  27. Terry cobb says:

    Poor mishandling of seedling it’s a new growth should be handle more delicately. The roots of a baby doesn’t like to be touched by human hands.Use clean gloves.

  28. KevinSFrancisco says:

    I hope your tomatoes turn out great last year. I am doing this for the first time this year. Great video, thanks:) Good luck with this season

  29. seattleseedling says:

    16 hours a day and I put them on a timer to ensure that happens.

  30. firstsharlord says:

    how long is the light source on each day?

  31. btam13 says:

    Very helpful.  Thanks!