Site M – Harvest Update & Dry Process Explanation

In this video I go into detail as to how I go about my harvest and transition into the dry and cure process. Discussion of small details to achieve the desir…

Mixing up a Foliar Spray for Alien Abduction Seedlings Fallow Me @ Twitter !_!!/VaderOG Lets be Friends ~_0…
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31 Responses

  1. Jerry Garner says:

    Great video. It’s nice to see something informative rather than the usual
    “look how much I harvested” video.

  2. Randesten says:

    Great tutorial.

  3. Drew Grow says:

    Now that was some Bud Porn

  4. Ruben d minimal says:

    menudas porrakas jejeje

  5. MAXnBOOM max says:

    holy shit thats alot of bud

  6. growinforrelief says:

    Thanks for another great video brother, very informative! Are you going to
    update your outdoor for us all sometime soon?? Keep em frosty!

  7. SF10DANK says:

    @GrowerMD Hey MD can you please tell me what kind of dehumidifier that is
    in this vid? It’s the little one next to the chair.

  8. john k says:

    how long do you usually hang your big budsfor?

  9. MalevolentClown says:

    Very beneficial knowledge! Cheers!

  10. iam21incanada says:

    Nice this is so helpful, I never really understood how to dry properly
    thanks Bro!

  11. sitfb says:

    complete dark no light

  12. GrowerMD says:

    wrong. I will discuss this is a later video.

  13. Crystal Methamphetamine says:

    ccccuting everything down…

  14. wilosism says:

    from 9:17 wtf is that sound? cutttttting everything down..

  15. prince.ramin YMCMB says:


  16. Fatsacks Allday says:

    I only take off big fan leaves when i dry, i think the outcome with the
    taste and smell is much better then when triming everything off at once.

  17. Irish Medi Farmer says:

    love it very informative as usuall tanks,The Irish Medi Farmer 13%er DOL

  18. WatashiWaSake says:

    Great informative video once again. Thanks!

  19. hyndmanstrider79 says:

    Does that mean that you can clone the clones instead of keeping a mother
    plant? Will the genetics suffer from this?

  20. Random2381 says:

    Plants will degrade between the 4th and 6th “generation” of clone. That
    sir, is a fact. 😉

  21. good fella says:


  22. kidman2505 says:

    Super good video!

  23. northCALIFA says:

    Brother.. riddle me this… when u do your 3/4 trim leaving me most sugar
    trim is the lead still damp? And note important when u go to manicure and
    worked down are they dry and pretty crispy? I’m asking BC I wonder about
    hearing people use say: fresh frozen, or fresh trim… but that seems like
    it would allow the chance of locking in that grass chlorophyll taste from
    buds drying too fast? Plz help u r my guru . I am cutting down in 2 wks!
    All the best homie

  24. GrowerMD says:

    yes, all clones and exact genetic copies of the mother.

  25. Jose euro says:

    grower md and his partner got it on lock!

  26. Caesar Chavez says:

    HELL YA i went loweslowes

  27. Doe John says:

    is that penetrator the same thing as the saturater they carry and if so why
    is that one green and the saturater pink? These are wetting agents right?

  28. Caesar Chavez says:

    HELL YA i went loweslowes

  29. ButchCivic says:

    Nice. I wasn’t sure if you used a wetting agent when I saw your video on
    cloning and you used the spray. Now I know. Thanks for the great videos
    Vader. Peace.

  30. Goda Hell says:

    Just another GR8 Vid Bro i just got my loco store to Cary dutch masters line

  31. Fatsacks Allday says:

    i just found this and these are great quality video im going to try to do
    some voiceovers on my vids