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15 Responses

  1. Medical Cannabis Spain says:


  2. DerpDerpity420 says:

    Great video. Lij suggested checking you out. Good job. Subbed. Peace

  3. Medical Cannabis Spain says:

    cheers buddy.. As in veg, don t overfeed is my general advice. get good
    soil and use half the nutes.. I often use canna bio flores but its a bit
    potent at 10 10 20 so i prob start 1/4 of recommended doses then give them
    5 days or so to see if alls well. The more you can keep them healthy
    without lots of food the better…in my opinion 🙂 Outdoors less fussy,
    good soil and bio pellets generally 🙂

  4. dankerbudzz says:

    what kind of sand like were do i get it?

  5. SirSly420 says:

    @XxcurrypooxX Try neem oil or if u can find it get azamax … Also a half
    inch layer of sand (fine) works great for gnats but I’m not sure about
    slugs … Goodluck

  6. XxcurrypooxX says:

    Im growing cannabis and i have a serious slug problem i cant seem to get
    rid of them. I only have 1 plant left as they munched on the others and
    killed them. im soo fucking pissed off with it but does anyone know how to
    get rid of them and stop them eating my plants i have now put a big pile of
    salt down around the edge of the pot on top od rough stones but they are
    still getting in so does anyone have any advice on how to stop them.

  7. StanwoodSpartans says:

    @XxcurrypooxX salt everywhere they could possibly walk

  8. Misty8flip says:

    What ratio did you use for this?

  9. SirSly420 says:

    @FisherManStan88 it takes multiple soil drenches to work . The best thing
    to do is preventative sprays and soil drenches , meaning you use it before
    you even have the problem , if you wait till bugs are everywhere than you
    waited too long , its all about prevention .

  10. Misty8flip says:

    Thank you

  11. ran20972 says:

    can you use if the plant is budding ? if so will the bud taste like garlic?

  12. sleepingowl1 says:

    stop wasteing your time get some azamax or start over your not doing
    anything to the larvea that are feeding on roots

  13. SirSly420 says:

    I can’t remember but u can find it online , or try some neem oil I had
    great results with it . Peace

  14. FisherManStan88 says:

    that azamax stuff didnt do shit for the soil so quit promoting it, the
    sprays work for plants but yea almost nothing gets rid of larva and younger
    thrips if there indoors, worse they tend to lay dormant for week to months
    in your carpet!! untill soil comes around them Bam there back

  15. SirSly420 says:

    Hey guys if your having pest problems I suggest “azamax” or neem oil the
    garlic just wasn’t enough. Peace