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11 Responses

  1. Nathan Mayo says:

    This is so unnecessary,

  2. slumptastic says:

    If it’s good enough for baby seals!

  3. 8enzloc says:

    did all of those plants you dipped live?

  4. Kip Oblion says:

    Damn thats a nice looking trey of clones NOM NOM

  5. fazzio1000 says:

    what am I doing wrong? my clones go into shock, some make it some don’t…

  6. ehohkay says:

    pssssh… i would never wash my baby seal in dawn dish soap!

  7. Togmot says:

    That looks brutal

  8. perfektolisem says:

    @8enzloc i tryd it but not all off mine survivde 30 % died i think , but it
    was qus i did it to erlye they must b abaut one munth old at least ! sry 4
    my spelling.

  9. MarijuanaGrowersHQ says:

    There is no reason why the plants should experience adverse effects form
    dipping. If your plants suffered it would be by function of your spray
    product and not a result from the dip. I’m happy to discuss this at length
    but not here, come to the forum and we are happy to offer further

  10. raspaulgdf says:

    great videos. looking forward to more.

  11. skinny lee says:

    when you get some spare time would you check out my grow and sub I’d really
    appreciate some constructive critique, many thanks