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25 Responses

  1. SuperAviationWorld says:

    fuck u bitch stop spamming everywhere

  2. Bruce Banner says:

    check out:

  3. SuperAviationWorld says:


  4. Carlito Brigante says:

    fucking cop

  5. INHALEtheCURE420 says:

    Dam bro you want to team up? I got ITC Genetics killer Beans and some money
    as well? You have the space That’s something I can’t find!

  6. bluekobkat says:

    when you put your clone in the coco what do you feed them ?

  7. green harvester says:

    What kind off pots are they bud I like the sound of them

  8. Gypsy Chick says:

    My Thyroid and Calicium Issues and Thyroid and a Shroom Trip and RSO cured
    me 🙂 and this Crack got me out of Bi Polar 1 into Hyper Activity .. Im
    cured but I need this med .. 🙂 thanks

  9. fozzythemexican says:

    everything is great.

  10. dave braba says:

    if any ones looking for seeds try i got mine

  11. green amean says:

    this guy knows his shit. funny this is the first time i have thought this
    on cannabis grows on youtube. most of them have obvious problems anyone can
    see coming or wouldnt do. but not walter white over here

  12. Marco Dominguez says:

    That is a beautiful fucking setup best wishes on your grow

  13. Gypsy Chick says:

    There is Somthing About Fungus and the Cure there to me .. Fungus cleans
    Fungus 🙂

  14. dmbcskater says:

    why dont you just start a compost with your old coco instead of just
    throwing it away, makes really good mix 🙂

  15. Kam Killah says:

    Merry Xmas Good roots i think i found a trick lol

  16. rdbpratt says:

    @STAINLEES Order seeds, not that hard.

  17. GrowerMD says:

    @thequitepride yes, usually the first watering last at least two days,
    after that i keep it to 24 hour dry out.

  18. Jose euro says:

    nice f’n roots bro…

  19. Philip Magnusson says:

    crack is noot good man

  20. musicalgarden69 says:

    When you lollypop why do you not use for clones

  21. komodoD2011 says:

    why do so many people think that a small bud is a preflower?? Preflowers,
    as opposed to full blown flowers, appear after the fourth week of
    vegetative growth from seed. Check carefully above the fourth node.note
    that preflowers are very small and and almost impossible to differentiate
    without magnification. A photographer’s 10x loupe is handy when examining
    preflowers. they are small flowers the plants put out when reaching
    maturity.. not small buds that you are getting after flipping 12/12

  22. REMEGORAS says:

    Water softeners are better for hard water…Reverse Osmosis isnt as good at
    removing the deposits that make water hard.. Liscenced Master Plumber in
    the state of Michigan..

  23. windexism says:

    any chinese sex slaves for sale =P

  24. kbgrowkid420 says:

    sweet bro.. my buddy found some seeds in some Green Crack, hope they turn
    out like the original and not a random cross.

  25. danclick1 says:

    coco is hydro make no mistake