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  1. Sativalover says:

    0.16 because that is how much 16% is (moving the decimal to the left two

  2. yellowkindbud says:

    You’re also wrong about the recirculating pump. The only reason you’d
    keep it off is if you were having water temperature issues. Water cannot
    oxygenate if the temperature is too high (which is why this variable is so
    important). Check out Heath Robinsons RDWC grows. The reason he got the
    results he did was because he kept his root zone perfect – temperatures and
    super oxygenated. He also didn’t waste his time with airstones as they
    only add heat and possible pathogens if you have a high flow rate.
    Anyway, I’ll be watching – good luck.

  3. kingdevin1991 says:

    Have you ever used hydroplex ???

  4. yellowkindbud says:

    The variables like relative humidity and your reservoir temperature are
    significantly more important than you seem to believe them to be. 

  5. TheeBudGuru says:

    What about using Humboldt Honey Hydro Carbs?

  6. TheeBudGuru says:

    Dude! Your Growing method is very tempting to convert to!

  7. TheeBudGuru says:

    Never Mind!

  8. Stoneforth says:

    whoops, checked the part B label and that’s the one with the calcium 4.5%

  9. Stoneforth says:

    i use soft water (50ppm)

  10. Stoneforth says:

    Hey. I grow in coco and have just ran out of calimagic. What else can i use
    for Calcium? Calcium isn’t listed in the ingredients on my base nutes, mg
    is 1.7%. I’m grabbing some epsom salts too, leaf stems are starting to
    purple up. The only product available locally has 4% nitrogen and it’ll
    take 2 weeks for a new bottle of calimagic to arrive.

  11. KING MARS says:

    Take it to the TOP

  12. LemThurdy420 says:

    awesome vid just watched the whole thing onto the next

  13. Matt D says:

    Only reason I’m asking is tomorrow I would start doing this process is its
    necessary. Please help hygro.

  14. Deon Thomas says:

    Whered u get da water temp meter

  15. nismogtp says:

    2 girls 1 cup 4:11

  16. Matt D says:

    Do you gives plants any darkness before cutting them down? I here people
    say 36-72 hourd is a must. Just wanted your opinion.

  17. Matt D says:

    Do you give plants any darkness before cutting down how some do for like 3

  18. TheLoveInYourEar says:

    By using two plants in one netpot /tub do the roots choke each other or do
    they live like one

  19. TwistedTornsTirade says:

    bubba 76 and cheese LOVE it to lol

  20. TwistedTornsTirade says:

    Hey man is it me or is the floranova rock on ph issues? I hardly have to
    adjust it once I set it!! I so love this stuff and I am see growth like a

  21. poopoogang says:


  22. poopoogang says:

    Hey, is a grip system necessary?..I’ve seen alot of hydro set ups that only
    use the air stone and that’s it..

  23. takent0031 says:

    When you start from seed typically at what height do you top ?????

  24. 2cupps says:

    So does that apply to “great white” too?

  25. HygroHybrid says:

    h2o2 kills all benies, yes its true. but in hydo this is good because the
    plants are susceptible to disease specifically root diseases and that may
    have a detrimental impact on the plants growth/life . you might want to
    look into switching to a nutrient that is specifically for hydro, instead
    of pure blend pros, maybe that cns17 stuff is for hydro, not sure. food for
    thought. if your running a nutrient and is a hybrid nutrient blend between
    chemical and organic running h2o2 would cause issues.