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  1. hanna brenda says:

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  2. Hannibal Pritzker-Grimaldi says:

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  3. Garrett Aziz says:

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  4. lennox wesley says:

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  5. Frenchies chris says:

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  6. whatever says:

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  7. Dank Haze says:

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  8. Harry Rolan says:

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  9. pual bryan says:

    Medical marijuna , kush, og kush, purple kush

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  10. ANTHONY MAGGIO says:

    is there a transcript in writing for this video……IF SO, I WOULD LIKE IT, ANYONE?????

  11. DabEnthusiast says:

    Do You Like Marijuana? IF SO CHECK MY NEW VIDEO ” Do You Like Marijuana? FULL MELT On Lemon OG Flower” , I Used A Beat And (High Quality) Edited Some Hash Melting, If you like weed, you would like my videos 🙂

  12. 25gotit says:

    How many clones can you get out a mother plant, and 1month 1/2( 3, 6 10) how many? Dr.atl

  13. Evsword says:

    GREAT SHARE! Our Plant, Our Earth! Hey, have you heard of phoenix tears Cannabis is very Important….”Liberate Marijuana!”