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25 Responses

  1. Cullen Clapp says:

    was that just from one plant man?
    nice ass grow you did a great job

  2. FuzRModz says:

    That coke nail though 

  3. killae2007 says:

    flora nova Bloom & Grow, sensizym, cal mag, budcandy, bud ignitor and
    kushie kush

  4. TheSnipeOut says:

    what nutrients did you use

  5. killae2007 says:

    the purple cheese got about 4ft

  6. killae2007 says:

    little over 3oz. i got 4 from the critical

  7. StrongBlaze101 says:

    also how tall were they trna to do the stealth thing! appreciate you brother

  8. StrongBlaze101 says:

    whats was the dry weight?

  9. killae2007 says:

    wats good brah wat u need

  10. Bob Omahony says:

    How much did she yield? 🙂

  11. jonathan torres says:

    No purple because temp was over 70 to get purple it need to be 60 to 65

  12. FatWaterOG says:

    Nice vid im glad we grow now!

  13. dave g'ss says:

    coke nail cuz not cool do do that shit stick to da good

  14. TheNugless says:

    what was your final weight dry off that plant

  15. cleo keem says:

    Medicated marijuana,Master Kush, Hash oil and others available text (469)
    759-0316 to place your order

  16. Goodleaf1 says:

    Very nice Atlanta’s Watching

  17. EditsbyDarkness says:

    Hello FBI

  18. deeyung816 says:

    Where do you get your seeds at.

  19. killae2007 says:

    seeds come from attitude seedbank

  20. gstatiz79 says:

    What’s up bro. I’m a brother that has spent money on a nice grow setup but
    need a mentor. Get at me FAM.

  21. Brandon Gray says:

    Damn right you giving some to friends!! Lol

  22. lightshadow121 says:

    Cfl, led, or hps? Nice buds

  23. gstatiz79 says:

    Can you check out my upload. Need to know wassup wit my plant.

  24. killae2007 says:


  25. UNICEF UnitedStatesFund says:

    what brand is this?