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19 Responses

  1. Baylen Troutner says:

    Bro your leaves shouldn’t be the dead at 3 weeks lol. I’m at 3 weeks and my buds are twice your size. Learn to grow

  2. Hindu Goat says:

    this grower is a newbie

    dont take his advice seriously

  3. rober schuler says:

    ********WARNING***********not only does this guy NOT know what hes doing , but trying to make money off poor suckers by selling that crappy Ebook. what a DISGRACE to the cannabis and horticultural community. Please STOP trying to teach people how to grow*******URGENT********

  4. 30minforasn says:

    Really putting ur shit out there n not sayin ur shit fuk up?? Man c’mon my shit has less than half of the yellow r dead leaves n it make me sick to my stomache. N this suppose to be a tutorial vid I thought mine was bad


    what have you done to them plants man your plants are suffering from nutrients lockout flush them with just water check your ph and ppm

  6. english1midlands says:

    as you know things can go wrong but the least you should of done was strip that shit off and started to flush them,looks like you had more than one issue.

  7. itamar moyal says:

    man what happened to your leaves ???
    all that yellowing and rot doesnt bother you ?
    and them buds pretty small for week 3 ..
    unless that plant have a long flowering (10-12 weeks)

  8. Luis Angel says:

    I like that Ganja Kush

  9. SupaDr00g says:

    Damn those are real shitty plants i do hope it’s only you that’s smoking the shit you grow, i have no clue why i see so many grows on youtube where the growers have seriously fucked up the nutrient levels, it’s not rocket science.

  10. organicdankonly says:

    please dont teach new people to grow like u

  11. DrGonzo12676 says:

    Burned the shit out of them dam

  12. SuperJay916 says:

    Bunch of sick plants lol

  13. 360bulldogs6 says:

    what’s wrong with your plants ? why are they doing that

  14. Quantum420OG says:


  15. 91chore says:

    Fukien up man

  16. akasmokesalot johnny says:

    i was thinking the same thing. i have penelope and she hasnt lost the first leaf due to just dying off. i have removed leaves but i havent lost any. what happened and what are you doing to fix it???

  17. DjViceroy says:

    So you just show the problems to help new growers but you don’t even say what is wrong or the cause of it. You just call it damage. You should not have dead leaves like that at all in week 3. For it to be a weekly thing is very bad.

    At least tell the viewers what causes the problems and how to fix them. All your doing is saying, “here are my fucked up plants, follow me to learn about growing”

  18. ray garcia says:

    nice plants!!

  19. toneansandy33 says:

    nice buds and a bad azz type R