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  1. Patrick Ryan says:

    Here in michigan we just got another snow few days ago id say leave it in
    there till its a foot tall and then dig a whole and set it in a five gal at
    ground level ….good luck 

  2. Atl Md says:

    It varies how long the seedling can stay in the first pots.. but I’d guess
    roughly another month. Next time fill the pots to the top so you can get as
    much space out of them as possible. You’ll be able to tell when the roots
    fill out the space… the growth will slow down a little or you could
    always flip them out the bucket and check to see how the roots are doing.

  3. Atl Md says:

    keep em comin… Ill follow it thru the season. This year is turning out to
    be one of a kind.. I hope every1 gets good results.

  4. socalhippie hashman says:

    nice lil seedling man..what i would do i wait for another month or so
    before transplanting the plant into a 1 or 5 gallon pot or straight into
    the ground.what i do i dig a hole 4 to 6 feet deep and 2 in a half to 3
    feet wide and fill it up with a mix of foxfarm ocean frest soil peat
    moss,coco,perlite,vermiculite,bat guano worm
    castings,microrize,botanicare’s zho and a bit of chicken shit..then feed
    them a low low dose of the advanced nutrients sensi grow part a and ph
    perfect technoligy till the plant can handle a higher dose..take needed
    breaks off the nutrients as needed for 3 waterings then feed her agin with
    the advanced nutrients sensi grow part a and b ph perfect technoligy..your
    plants will be huge by mid summer for shure..hope that advice was helpful
    for ya..have a great and safe grow season this year man…peace and

  5. Guerrilla Grows says:

    Nice sprout. subbed up and along for the ride.

  6. Devin Milligan says:

    Dude! These must be high sativa genetics. It looks like you had a good
    harvest with minimal effort. Can you PLEASE me a step by step on how you
    grew these? I’m from Ontario myself. I’ve never had plants this beautiful.

  7. krazietj says:

    just a suggestion for next time if they that tall trim everything from the
    bottom branches and maby even take a couple off it will help get food to
    the top and tops of branches plus helps to give bigger denser better buds
    and if you didnt tho it look as if you might have… try topping it will
    help keep the hight down a lil and help it bush out….. just a lil advice
    from a fellow ontario grower and if you doubt my advice ill say this by
    august my buds are almost twice that size …… not saying yours look bad
    just saying could look better 🙂 knowledge is power my friend…… stay

  8. AmericasHerbman says:

    very nice brah

  9. denvermedibuds420 says:

    you should have tied themj down makes them grow up ward and form lots of
    new buds like turns them into sperate plants almost

  10. The0rangePanda says:

    Hey man i want to start a grow next year when are you supposed to plant
    them in the forest?? Like what month?

  11. SFVOG Kush says:

    really nice plants man, harvest must have been a nightmare though

  12. The0rangePanda says:

    @Johnsonville87 Bro, Is it ok if I germinate now, and plant outdoors on
    June 1st, or 2nd? Please answer asap! Will I get a decent sized plant? When
    did you plant yours outdoor?

  13. smileymann2 says:

    @Johnsonville87 a couple of days ago i got pulled over by the police and
    they surched my car and found my camera and seen the video of my plants and
    he tryed to get me to show them were my plants were i just told him they
    were a freinds he knew i was lieing so he went to my house and looked in my
    back yard but thankfully they were not in my yard and he had to let me go.

  14. mastaPh says:

    did u bring ur own soil or did u use the soil that was already there? How
    often do u fertilizer and water? By the way great job man! looks awesome!

  15. rcacad says:

    same kind of bag schwag that i randomly grew all over the place in VT.

  16. luanaknight1 says:

    Lookin good!

  17. smileymann2 says:

    @gangstashiz how can they track you with a video?

  18. beener507 says:

    you should have topped them

  19. remointeriapl says:

    Hi is growing illegal in canada? over where I live it’s illegal that’s
    bullshit 🙁

  20. Jordan Laidlaw says:

    thats amazing for august

  21. xialong123 says:

    oh my fuck, i felt my dick move….

  22. kyle lamar says:

    fuckin awsome job man. what type of nutrience did u use on thows ladies

  23. gangstashiz says:

    ya they look nice nexx year u need to give them more light and dig bigger
    holes youll end up with some real nice finish as i live in ontario too ya i
    know what you mean to about theyd know your house not your crop but u gotta
    be careful of them following you placing a tracker on ur car anything cops
    r ridiculous but ya they look healthy and good bro juss a lil thin on the
    stock my stocks normal get about the thickness of a small tree by the way u
    should try some organic good bat guano etc

  24. antoqc says:

    no fuck :0

  25. Chris Dunning says:

    LOL!! @ TheOrangePanda <- The FEDS whatching you now...pure stupid if you ask me...

  26. judesiegirl says:

    Plants are looking awesome! They look like Sativa’s though, which for
    Ontario climate would take into November to finish. They typically take
    four months of bud time! My hubby and I have some plants out, and I kind of
    go by how your pretty bushes are doing. Ours are all Indica’s so they are
    showing different. Thx for the vid I like your update, good stuff, keep on
    keeping on!

  27. gangstashiz says:

    They look alrite for bagseed they get alot busher now or what and in
    ontario climate everything is finished before halloween they look very tall
    tho hopefully u get some nice tight nugs on the finish and i was gonna
    mention that maybe if you cleared some of the tall bush around them they
    would get more wind and get even thicker stocks which in return would give
    u thicker n fuller colas

  28. BULLOCK1973 says:

    Doin better than mine this aug..

  29. gangstashiz says:

    and by the way arent u worried about cops watching your video and tracking
    your ip to find ur plants cuz i kno i would b

  30. precipitate1978 says:

    i agree with gangstashiz, top those plants first week of July, next time.
    Then top the top branches a few weeks after that. I guess with the crappy
    summer out east thats why they are flowering so much so early, or are you
    shading them in the morning and late evening? besides the basic fertilizer
    what nutrients are you using?? Out in BC, they started busting out about a
    week ago (Aug 20th) when the temps dropped for a couple days. look cool
    tall but way less yield, good job. cheers