outdoor out door cannabis plants wales uk 1024 medica.. cheese..amagedding

planted the medica from seed and the cheese from seed. they then went in the ground on the 21st of april and been there since.the medica plant is around 4 fo…
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This is a revieuw from a medical marijuana strain grown on an impossible location and till now about 3 weeks left on them no major problems have occured, loo…
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20 Responses

  1. rohit mitra says:

    where do you get the seeds from mate´╗┐

  2. mathew enoch says:

    yea 2 been rob out the garden.TWATS cant leave eny thing alone got 1 left
    its 6foot now and back in the pot be updateing soon

  3. mathew enoch says:

    thanks.the weather is shit rain all time i be makeing a update soon has the
    medical 1024 has gone grow another 5 to 7 inces.

  4. mathew enoch says:

    yes m8 carry on b up dateing the medical plant in next day or 2

  5. williams jerry says:

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  6. mathew enoch says:

    we see

  7. Dr Greenthumb says:

    Looking pretty nice mate check my vids out im near Kent

  8. john Bassett says:

    fair play one of the nicest in whales some of the outhers i now in whales
    are pretty shit but all in all not bad

  9. mathew enoch says:

    be updating the next day or 2

  10. Preppinmanni says:

    Looking good pal..peace&pot

  11. jason short says:

    gutted for you mate was hopeing to see another vid and been wondering why
    not now i know

  12. mathew enoch says:

    thanks need this rain stay off 4 a day or 2

  13. Bubble Haze says:

    where is the update mate ?

  14. jason short says:

    lookin brilliant have 1 out doors myself as tall as yours and twice as
    bushy just starting to finish its stretching and preflowering when its done
    ill see if i can get a video up for you guys to see as she is very nice
    lookin hope you have luck m8, also live in s wales myself

  15. jason short says:

    also any chance i can share your video m8 my page would love it

  16. relentlesstobz says:

    You just growing these outside mate? Or did you start them off indoors? I
    live in Wales too and I’m going to start a grow in April, any advice?
    Apparently it’s pretty hard to grow up here because of the shit climate,
    how do you grow yours? ­čÖé Never grown weed before so will be interesting to
    see how it goes.. just need to keep them out of sight of thieves!

  17. jason short says:

    were are the links for the others, give it a few weeks and ill get a video
    up for you guys of mine.also from wales boyo

  18. mathew enoch says:

    hi thanks 4 the comment.wot strain is it yes get vid up and send it thanks
    again m8

  19. jason short says:

    gutted m8 cunts around here are eyeing mine up i have been told. hope they
    try as my garden has been traped for sticky fingers. hope the rest come off
    for you m8 gd luck

  20. ShortITanswers says: