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25 Responses

  1. Jay Love says:

    I want to start growing soo badly! Btw that girl without added nutrients is
    a beaut, must be proud.

  2. ntroxell83 says:

    Idiot droppin trichomes

  3. amjb789 says:

    love the forrest bit!

  4. amjb789 says:

    how long hangin them up?

  5. Frank Fickle says:

    Was anybody else like; “JUST OPEN THE DAMM DOOR ALREADY!”

  6. CMSandRMO09 says:

    today bud is a good day… props on the beautiful plants

  7. IIMagiciaN says:

    Man I wish it was legal to grow and smoke in New Zealand 🙁 hate my

  8. oneshotgrow says:

    Livestream the harvest using Google Hangout!

  9. good fella says:

    Hey G420 I have 3 plants vegging for like 3 weeks and plant life start
    smelling , I bought some stuff for flowering a reflector that has holes for
    ventilation but I still don’t know how to cool off the hps , bring new air
    to plants and pushing clean air using a carbon filter out of the room ,
    please reply asayc .

  10. quinnjohn1 says:

    Looks like your gonna be busy for a while with those lovely ladies! Have
    you thought about putting either a wide container or a plastic sheet under
    your drying rack? (as long as it’s wider than the rack) I ask because I’ve
    noticed with some breeds that a lot of kief falls off the bud as it’s
    drying. Just a thought. Keep it high and stay green dude!

  11. Aaron C says:

    your so lucky bro

  12. Lj TheKushMan says:

    So much bud…

  13. Max Biglino says:

    PS: greetings from Europe, Italy!

  14. tattlyfe360 says:

    gotta love the weed forrest walk threw

  15. jasonteco says:

    Keep it fresh n dryin bro. I know its work but it will be a great final
    product. Subscribe to my channel. Got a new attic grow starting up. But
    unfinished..maybe in a week it will be done

  16. firsteducate says:

    Surgical gloves work best

  17. powerpaul1996 says:

    put a bucket under the drying gtower

  18. HOWSON777 says:

    if you wrote out a guide i would buy it in an instant!!! haha

  19. xxfroobxx says:

    fucking sweeet!!!

  20. Napa120 says:


  21. G Katz says:

    so you had no caterpillars/ grey mold? if so, how did it work with half
    trim dry and not removing the bud rot? thanks!

  22. Jacob Roberg says:

    You should play music really soft in the background on videos like this,
    coulda helped with that weird sound

  23. rogueraiser says:

    nice and beefy buds you have there

  24. xGazriel says:

    The hand signals are making me laugh my ass off

  25. Max Biglino says:

    Ahah man you’re awesome. You’re the first cannabis-related channel on the
    Tube i really enjoy watching! 1. Realistic (not like Cervantes walking
    trough a forest on ganja plants) 2. Funny and original (not just watching
    plants growing and technical data, but also a good chat and ideas) 3. Clear
    and limpid (unlike the thousands of videos of stoners that take huge bong
    hits in the dark and low-resolution) You’re what every stoner should be
    like ; )