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9 Responses

  1. Gary Smedley says:

    Doit da doy and a deet da dee

  2. Oudie Mcdabber says:

    them girls gunna take u about a whole yr just to trim ! lol
    keep making a better way of life for youself brothah!

  3. MIKE GARCIA says:

    Dude..I’m speechless at how huge those are..crazy..they haven’t even began
    the stretch. Damn I’m excited to see these girls finish! You know your shit
    that’s for sure!

  4. tone4916 says:

    hahaha, 10 punds total? Shit, easy 50 p’s.. GL

  5. ozzy yzzo says:

    :+) :+) :+)

  6. Nuno Pinto says:

    real monsters

  7. QWERTY42 says:

    You oregon growers amaze me year after year. Cali too, but oregon always
    seems to be ahead of the game 

  8. Canna Ken says:

    Shit is banging!! Cant wait to see the yield. Keep it Green TYRacer!