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10 Responses

  1. Nahseem Andrews says:

    What type of soil is that.?

  2. Christian Ruiz says:

    Their looking good, but dam direct in ground cannabis grows huge so theyre
    too close to each other from the looks of it

  3. Jeremiah RootSr says:

    way too close together dude unless you only have a 1 month growing season

  4. Brandon Nguyen says:

    how wide and deep did you dig the holes, did you just fill it up with
    organic soil?

  5. killerkush024 says:
  6. SavageReefer420 says:

    There looking good wish i could put mine in the ground:( keep up the good

  7. kama kazi says:

    looking good dude nice and green

  8. Mike says:

    Fire og and Girl Scout cookies

  9. JUNWEI li says:

    looking good my friend..sud 🙂

  10. killerkush024 says:

    Ill make.a update in a couple weeks im getting a new camera.. stay tune