Outdoor Cannabis Grow – Update #1 (8 weeks veg)

2011 Outdoor Medicinal Cannabis Grow. July 4 update. Watch in 1080p. Comments and Feedback appreciated. Plants have been growing now for 2 months from headie…
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Medical Cannabis MediGrow - Outdoor 2013 Ep. 3

Age Old Organics – Grow 15ml, Kelp 5ml and SuperThrive 1drop per gallon added to a 55gal drum and feed at 2 gallons per plant for all the large plants then a…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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39 Responses

  1. Nick Gates says:

    Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

  2. MrDJPhoeBus says:


  3. Marcus Roberts says:


  4. J3TPILOT1991 says:

    @howhigh719 sorry bro but you have to wait for it to start flowering.

  5. joind weed says:

    Uma duvida qual o melhor adubo *?

  6. kingcali74ify says:

    Yo its a little long bug da eat flys moust don’t get ta see them shitum out
    but I did it is craz?

  7. KUSHitrealgood says:

    slug shit. luv it

  8. kenny hughes says:

    planting a male next to a female will turn it male btw

  9. J3TPILOT1991 says:

    You’re a moron. The white pistils (for female) and the balls (for male), DO
    NOT shoe until they are put into flower (12/12). If you think I’m wrong, it
    will only take you a few seconds to look it up and see your an idiot. CYA

  10. zedmlftw says:

    nope. there is no direct answer to that. not at all. depends on everything,
    strain, genetics, how many/types of nutrients you fed your plant (if any),
    how much light it receives, how much light it DOESN’T receive,
    indoor/outdoor/hydro/aero/green house, what type of stress you apply to
    your plant, how often you stress your plant, if you fim/top/prune. so. you
    can have two clones of the same mother plant and yield 10 ounces from one
    and 23 ounces from another.

  11. ronald gallant says:

    those spots are spidermights

  12. Marc Brodersen says:

    Where’s the update dude?

  13. ryan w says:

    u should try bending your weed plants to let more light to the center and
    lower down

  14. Gaets myre says:

    the leafs at the bottom that are like eaten away, pinch or cut them off,
    its a waste of nuts and energy towards the plants. just an idea for future

  15. cleo keem says:

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    more info and prices

  16. 95hoot says:

    Get ladybugs

  17. KingsOfCannabis says:

    Dude must of got busted or something

  18. silverarm32 says:

    You should check my video aquaphonic in green house I have them on the
    ground check them out might learn something

  19. RKMG says:

    is it done yet

  20. MNMCokeaCola says:

    Maybe i’m high but i totally watched all 11 minutes.

  21. yngdro420 says:

    only sugar leafs do. the water leafs don’t

  22. williams jerry says:

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    Widow.Purple Kush. Pride of Amsterdam.Snow White.Strawberry Cough. *Sour
    Kush… *Bubba Kush… *Purple Haze… *Russian kush… *Himalayan Gold.*O?
    G Kush..*Sour Diesel.AK-47 a.k.a Special-K.*Great White Shark.Bonana
    Kush.*White Widow X Northern Lights? #5.Bubblegum Kush.California Orange
    Bud.Purple Skunk:Sour Mist:*Super Haze:.White Russia:.White Widow.Jack
    Dream. Text (323) 431-8381 or markcapocinno@yahoo.com

  23. leo meromero says:

    how can i get good seeds im a noob lol , i cant find like different strains
    and i want to see how i can get good strain seeds?

  24. GreenThumbWashington says:

    doing grow right now in northwest washington. check shit out i got a grow
    log. Stardawg/alian kush , Headband/Chemdawg, Sativa/ruderlis of some sort.

  25. pannasux says:


  26. Shawn Hurley says:

    Taller plants tend to be male

  27. Shawn Hurley says:

    They will show sex usually bout 2 months of age or 2-3 weeks into flower

  28. TheeBudGuru says:

    Medical Cannabis MediGrow – Outdoor 2013 Ep. 3

  29. Big Mike says:

    Hey check out my plants. They’re monsters too! Nice looking plants!

  30. socalhippie hashman says:

    beautiful outdoor garden man.keep the up the great

  31. TheeBudGuru says:

    Hit her with BENNIES! LOTS OF BENNIES! Actually double dosing will be
    enough, just make sure you do it once a week instead of every 2-3, and when
    she looks like she coming around keep going with fresh water until she
    looks likes she needs fed again and then be careful next time!

  32. dirtybongwater grows says:

    thanks for the vid and envy your outdoor stuff

  33. leedavidson9895 says:

    I bured the shit out of my girl. So I flushed and removed some dirt from
    the top and replace it with fresh soil. Is there anything else I should do?
    Please im desperate

  34. kama kazi says:

    nice ojtdoor plants man MN likes

  35. MrMarine347 says:

    looking real good brother , i wish i had a spot like yours to go outside ..
    thanks for the update

  36. klitzo420 says:


  37. TheeBudGuru says:

    Pinch off all the burned parts! She’s going to look funny later but pinch
    back to viable nodes to give her a helping hand!

  38. Cas-tle Grown says:

    Beautiful Garden. Even the unknowns are kickin ass man. Create Peace
    Cultivate Cannabis is a motto I carry in my heart every day. If I didn’t
    think about all of the people I’m gonna help medicate in the future,
    including myself, I’d be too scared to cultivate. I refuse to take part in
    the criminal element that this plant has the unfortunate stigma of
    attracting. Too many people see cash, and forget that they are supposed to
    flush their bud before chopping and selling. Homegrown is for me.

  39. TheeBudGuru says:

    Thanks Bro!