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25 Responses

  1. Rich Clarke says:

    Coco needs mixing with something for drainage  😀

  2. Tom Arnold says:

    When will you be making a new video??

  3. StyLeStunz says:

    start posting vids again need an update!!

  4. Dr Greenthumb says:

    I don’t use any nutes on outdoor plants just water and my stinging nettle soup.

  5. andy uk says:

    coco has no feed in it and you are feeding it nettles

  6. John Does says:

    yes it is the oxidation of the cooper that causes it to burn the snails. I dont know about using oxide if it is soluble… But bare copper wire will work try it. It wont hurt

  7. mrsillywalk says:

    It was not my suggestion to use electricity but to use the bare copper conductor found in twin and earth cable.I pull this cable out of builders skips for free.Just to clarify, are you saying that it is copper oxide that is repellent to slugs? If this is so, then the oxide being readily available could be impregnated in cord and tied around a pot for greater effect. Copper oxide comes in a blue crystal and is very soluble.It has been used on some crops as a fungicide.

  8. John Does says:

    oh miss understood you.. Not sure isnt that copper coated?? if it is coated no

  9. John Does says:

    Regular copper works great no need to supply electrical. The corrosion that naturally occurs with copper burns the slugs so they stay off it with electricity. If you dont have any branches hitting the ground you can also just put a copper sleave around the stalk

  10. Connor Buckle says:

    do you use any fertilizer or is it all natural except watering, sunlight etc

  11. mrsillywalk says:

    Do you think the copper conductor from electrical twin and earth would work?

  12. AmyACox says:

    I agree Jdubs870 miracle grow tomato plant food is great, I use it as well. I also super crop and when the plant just gets really full I tie down the outer branches to give the inner leaves a chance to BOOM. You yield a larger crop

  13. AmyACox says:

    You can also put beer in a plate or old Frisbee and such, the beer attracts the slugs and then they drown. It’s a cheap but effective and non chemical way to kill them

  14. Vandermonk1 says:

    seem to be getting a slow grow here in scotland,weather been hot so hope they start pushing on,any tips on food and do you think it may be something to do with the use of chicken manure pellets and any tips on other feeds,any tips would help

  15. Zacnix Nixon says:

    What genetics purple power?

  16. Zacnix Nixon says:

    So your green thumb hmmm quite interesting. Not exactly the folk hero I thought you were .Nein hit me up mate if you need genetics .With all the skunk madness .I’m that bloke like jilohhny pot seed how do you do.

  17. John Does says:

    For slugs nothing works better then copper the copper burns them when they try to cross. So all you need is copper strips around your plant greenhouse or what ever your trying to keep them out of. Also keeping branches off the ground. You can even put a copper band around your plants Why put them in pots then in the ground? they will do better directly in the ground.

  18. carltyboy says:

    hey man, just a suggestion about the waterlogged roof, make a little tiny hole where your middle support at the top, it will just run down in dripps down the post, ps wait for a week or 2 or no rain

  19. zigcom42 says:

    Keep it up, I love your vids.

  20. dirtybongwater4678 says:

    put the coco plant in some soil you have to feed coco all the time, you could try to top dress the coco with soil but it would be better just to transplant her into soil for outdoors. just my thoughts

  21. AutoFloGuerilla12Uk says:

    use vaseline on the bottom of the stalks for slugs aswell bud

  22. AutoFloGuerilla12Uk says:

    yhman canrt wait to see your results this year

  23. jdubs870 says:

    nice growth! i have 14 hindu indica strains growing, and they are nearly identical in growth!!!! im using miracle grow tomato food and plain old water!!! the only difference in our grow is my stems are nealry a 1/2 thick! very hearty and happy! good growing from the USA!

  24. herb alist says:

    keep up the good work man oh yeah any one ever know what happened to the rural growermans channel in spain the one with herb the terepin

  25. Dr Greenthumb says:

    The sloping roof is something I will perhaps take into next year it’s all a learning curve every year.. I’m thinking about taking the purple power out of the cocos this week as well. Again thanks for comments all are welcome..