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48 Responses

  1. comradechristophe says:

    big muscles and big buds

  2. hanna brenda says:

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  3. seaton41 says:

    i am not from america and i am not doing anything illegal!!

  4. jushua gonzalez says:

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  5. icandancejuno says:

    i would not fuck with this guy

  6. Deez Mutts says:

    A bodybuilding pot head.just like me 🙂

  7. Hannibal Pritzker-Grimaldi says:

    Anyone who would like to be a part of simple yet VERY important Marijuana Research, please look up “Global Marijuana Research Project” on Facebook, YouTube and Google.

  8. TheMasterchief50 says:

    A lot of people will grow right out the roots organic bag

  9. daniel guinn says:

    dont put a plastic bag when u guys do it plz, theres 50 reasons u dont wanna do that

  10. MistahFen says:

    Just when I think I’m out.. *maniacal voice*They pull me back in *clenches controlling fist*

  11. Jakob Collins says:

    I saw that shit don’t make me lie you juice pack

  12. snapsalot says:

    I have 5 ebay accounts… There gos your theory.

  13. Weedus2 says:

    Well its cause you just need some random email from one of the countless email providers.If they would do a real Identity Check like Ebay this People could not make their Offers and then give themself 10x thumb up with their other fake accounts ;).But well People would not like such type of Identity Check i think.

  14. Leprechraun says:

    I would love to hangout with this guy!

  15. deacheddead says:

    Why presume its not gathering data etc on people who respond to it, its obv effective and youtube hasnt managed to remove/block the bots yet, thats a bit sus isnt it ? They cant even block this one bot, why ?

  16. deacheddead says:

    Mabey you got it wrong, american notes are made from hemp fibre right ?

  17. deacheddead says:

    I swear its some kind of part of the NSA, you should’nt respond to things like that on the internet, ever, just let it be- espesh if you are from america and doing illegal shit.

  18. seaton41 says:

    what a fool u are posting that on the net AND YOU PUT YOUR NUMBER UP TOO!!!!!!and saying you are a fool is being kind!!!

  19. Timothy Youngblood says:

    you must be the dumbest mother fucker alive to post shit like that online

  20. Cassandra Simpson says:

    The rambo of weed lmao this guy gooood

  21. Frenchies chris says:

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  22. lilian tesy says:

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  23. Seek Light says:

    Nice Body for any age adult

  24. GrowActivity says:

    Nice body for this Age

  25. Robert W says:

    save the landraces!!!!!!!

  26. Ramen551 says:


  27. Jonas cole says:

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  28. Fender0nfire says:

    Hey grow420guide what type of soil do you use? and how do you get buds to come out so beautiful??

  29. FishandRoaches says:

    congratulations they just handed the weed industry over to monsanto! moron.

  30. Matthew Vail says:

    how do you make it grow so many large buds?

  31. S Zuniga says:

    Yeah! Published on my B-day.

  32. roccorostagnio says:

    U did a hell of a job! those plants are damn near flushed perfect!

  33. Quinn Hanson says:

    You are definitely mistaken, haha.

  34. HydroKronic Vilchez says:

    Damn did u plant seeds all over the dirt?? scattered??

  35. nicky jonnas says:

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  36. Brian Jonez says:

    Over 10,000 dollars worth of weed right there if I’m not mistaken.

  37. richard toni says:

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  38. Larry GoodWeed says:

    better hope your neighbors dont watch this shit lol

  39. myprivate william says:

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  40. Jesica Neh says:

    For sale Medical marijuana, OG Kush, sour diesel, purple-urkle,
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  41. Jesica Neh says:

    not afraid bro Cuz we grow it legally ok

  42. Kyle Wallin says:

    if u’ve never had a drug charge and grow 4 plants or less, it’s a misdemeanor they’ll throw out the window. worse punishment ive heard is 1,000$ fine. he def won’t do five(yrs in prison). the laws are also written against cannabis sativa, not cannabis indica though. you’ll never do time if you use this argument in court

  43. Kyle Wallin says:

    i know purple is cool, but it is past harvesting. all weed plants turn purple, it is chlorophyl degrading into zylophyl. thc needs chlorophyl, u are losing 30% of the thc potential when you see purple. you want it to be green as possible. even if the trichromes arent amber, it’ll be fine. if u dont believe me bring it to the lab and get it tested. purple strains grown medically proper should not be purple in color. overall great MJ plants

  44. Lochie Paterson says:

    you sound like fogel from superbad

  45. Greg Fitzmaurice says:

    you have poison ivy growin right behind yah bud n tomatoes!

  46. Jesica Neh says:

    For sale Medical marijuana, OG Kush, sour diesel, purple-urkle,
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  47. flyinthebug35 says:

    I have a question…Have my 1st outdoor grow…planted from seed in N. Canada. We get about 18 hours daylight this time of yr. I planted then May 23rd and they are all doing great..over a foot tall and healthy. Problem is, I cant seem to sex them yet (or see signs) and flowering should start in early august up here, so what can I do to sex them? I see pistols on all plants…could I be so lucky as to have an all female crop from seed? HELP please!! I don’t want any males that could hurt my crop

  48. Dasi Vicky says:

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