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25 Responses

  1. NeverEnough says:

    Thanks for sharing bro, keep that bottle of water close by.

  2. theJimmy2 says:

    This guy looks stoned out of his mind

  3. thatboyrick1 says:

    He’s exactly right, when I smoke northern lights I can’t believe how old it
    is!, same for skunk I was smoking skunk with an old head and he said Man we
    smoked this in the 80s…but it wasn’t anywhere near as strong 

  4. smoothmove007 says:

    I guess this guy is really against anything new. This industry will move
    forward as it should but we will not forget it’s origins. This industry
    would be better if we could lose the ego.

  5. kp1832000 says:


  6. nikelover1994 says:

    Is this guy stoned?

  7. SpitFireOrganics says:

    I just did a northern lights grow.. I came close to the 8oz per plant, 5
    1/2 on my grow per plant.. Can do better on it. Thanx tuck

  8. lightnlove says:

    Yup, my nl afgani would kick just about anythings ass if let go past 60
    days. She looks done thouh at 50

  9. yewboi123 says:

    i like the concept of the channel would be nice to get some decent answers,
    this poor bastard shows less emotion than fish

  10. The Jack Mouzas says:

    i smoked this last night and i was fucking gone

  11. wally jr says:

    so do you always talk out of your ass? he says in one of his videos how him
    and dj short are breeding together right now and if not at the same time he
    mentions spice of life. hillbilly dreams is long gone/secret society of
    breeding now foolio what ever helps you sleep at night tho hahaha

  12. Deepwinter says:

    And just what part exactly do you Disagree with , and what evidence can you
    show you are right and he is wrong, Genuinely interested in your answer

  13. Yochum1999 says:

    so true bro northern lights is the bome one of my favorites as well.

  14. TokenTombstone says:

    which breeder currently has the best northern light seeds available,
    potency and yield wise?

  15. tim kirby says:

    hes not stoned he has MS you wankers

  16. Quagmire113 says:

    The best! Thank you for your intellect.

  17. drtrolish says:

    Where do you get these “original” northern lights genetics ? None of the
    people who worked with them seems to be able to say they have them. Stuffs
    long gone man. The only thing you can buy now is a story about how they got
    original seed stock and revived the line from way back lol. I call bullshit
    on that, its just breeders getting as close as possible to what they
    remember and calling it NL. The real NL strain from back in the late 80s is
    extinct, gone forever.

  18. FallenEnergyXD says:

    do missouris weed strain called k (Kay town, or Kesha)

  19. PistilPalace says:

    wrong steve, Breeder steve from spice of life is canadian, steve tuck
    company was hillbilly dreams

  20. wispa1a says:

    Skunk#1 is the one that revolutionised indoor growing. NL is not in 1/2 as
    many vars as Skunk. you need to sack who ever writes these cards out for

  21. Gal Beeri says:

    what people dont understand is that the grow is more important then
    genetics unsless its bad genetics

  22. Autofloweringweed says:

    that guys eyes sell the weed

  23. yatwice says:

    @slizzeredinablizzard hahahahaha

  24. ImaJunkie111 says:

    i luv the NL strains Blueberry Jam (NL x Blueberry) super chill

  25. Omar X says:

    U just contradicted ur self, genetics are more important. A good
    environment can’t make shirt genetics better. But good genetics can still
    be ok if it’s grown badly! That still don’t mean u can grow it anywhere tho!